Residential Flat Roofing

Flat roof repairs and replacements on residential homes have been a popular service supplied by ARR® since 1974.

Unlike shingles which shed water, flat roofs rely on water-proofing to seal and protect the interior of the property. That is why we offer flameless flat roofing solutions by various leading manufacturers. Our cold-ply system provides a hearty two plies of modified bitumen which is sealed using adhesives designed to provide superior and uniform bonding of the water-proofing plies. Hot air welding insures a safe and reliable method for detail work at vulnerable walls, perimeters, and roof penetrations.

This low odour, more eco-friendly method, is especially suited to residential flat roofing applications due to the majority of residential homes having wood substrates (decks). Older and historic homes are more vulnerable to fire risk due to their dried timber substructures. As a result, the proven cold-applied method virtually eliminates any potential risk of fire during or after the application is completed.

Make your flat roof drain: While absolute roof drainage cannot be achieved on certain flat roofs; ARR® has the experience to help slope most flat roofs through carpentry methods that serve to cricket the roof. A flat roof that has improved drainage can potentially last longer. Choose this option if it makes sense for your home.

When replacing your flat roof, think about increasing thermal efficiency by adding roof insulation.

Older residential homes that have flat roofs, often require increased insulation to account for removed layers of roofing material that acted like a thermal blanket.

When undertaking flat roofing work; the details matter. Tying into semi-detached flat roofs, shingle slopes, wall-to-roof transitions, skylights, and roof decks, are all factors that need to be well thought out and properly executed. Structural repairs also can be an important element of doing the job right.

The finishing touch for every flat roof and an important waterproofing detail involves the sheet metal work required at walls, parapets, and roof perimeters. ARR® custom fabricates sheet metal in their own shop facilities and field installs at the site by their experienced sheet metal mechanics.

Choose AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® as your experienced and safe choice for flat roof installation for your home or business.

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