Eavestrough, Soffit, Fascia

Refresh the appearance of your home by installing new aluminum soffit and fascia cladding. Benefits include increasing intake ventilation at the soffit areas, eliminating painting and exterior maintenance, and providing an enhanced curb appeal.

Aluminum soffit and fascia cladding are available in various profiles and a myriad of colour options suiting traditional, contemporary, and modern exteriors.

Eavestroughs (Gutters) are available in copper, pre-finished steel, galvanized, and aluminum. The rainwater on your home is responsible for carrying roof water away from foundations and or entering your basement.

Quality gutter installation involves first choosing the correct size (capacity) and style of gutter option. This extends to the size and correct location of downpipes and rainwater leaders.

Installation of the aluminum gutters includes sloping them to effect positive drainage and securing them with heavy gauge hidden brackets spaced to provide strength. Corner joints are hand-mitered by our skilled installers and sealed using a high-grade sealant.

Before installing any aluminum work or guttering, it is important to repair any rotted wood fascia or soffit materials and to insure that supporting rafter tails are in good shape. Our skilled tradespersons are able to restore such carpentry in preparation for cladding work.

Copper Gutters: If installing a custom copper, leaded copper, or galvanized eavestrough system; our copper smiths will solder and or braze connection joints to provide decades of leak-free function. This choice is suited to architecturally significant and historical homes and buildings. Copper guttering is the preferred choice when installing cedar or slate roofs.

Consider custom copper rainwater leader boxes, fascia and soffit cladding, rain chains, and other custom copper work over bay windows, entrance ways, and barrel dormers to enhance any premium roofing solution.

AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® has been a preferred choice for installation and repairs to all types of eavestrough systems, soffit and fascia cladding, and associated wood repairs since 1974.

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