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If your home has cedar shakes or cedar shingles, AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® represents a preferred choice for competent and professional rehabilitation or replacement.

As an authorized installer for the Canadian Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau™, ARR® provides manufacturer warranties for up to twenty-five years on new cedar roofs and cedar walls. We source our western red cedar products from Canadian mills which are approved and graded by the CCSSB.

A well installed cedar roof is one that has been designed to “breathe”. Many builder grade cedar installations fail prematurely as a result of omitting strapping or a breathable mesh beneath the cedar

The key to receiving an enduring cedar installation lies in a few key factors:

  • Obtain quality products
  • Have the work completed by an approved CCSSB authorized installation contractor
  • Install the cedar work to CCSSB standards supply

Cedar acts as a good insulator and resists insects due to its natural oils. It is a popular choice for Cape Cod-style homes, providing decades of water resistant performance, provided that it is installed properly.

Cedar Shingles and shakes provide a rustic charm that suits the architecture of many character homes.

The addition of cedar shingles acting as siding on dormer sides or exterior gable walls can add an elegant and durable touch to accent any roof having such details.

Turada Shakes

An alternative to cedar, which are a hardwood shake product that originates from South America. The darker hues of Turada shake to provide a unique appearance only available in Southern regions until recently. ARR® imports Turada shakes for those seeking something unique and enduring. Contact us to learn more about this ethically sourced wood shingle alternative.

To learn more about the proper installation and associated investment, contact the approved cedar experts at AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®.

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Since 1974, AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® has represented a safe and reliable choice for discerning clients representing the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential sectors throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

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After more than four decades, AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® remains a stable business partner that people have come to depend on for almost every type of exterior renovation project. We are known for having completed some of the toughest projects in terms of access, and supplying artisanal results for specialty work on many of Toronto’s finest buildings, Churches, and homes.

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