Regular Cleanup And Maintenance Can Prevent Unnecessary Gutter Repair Costs

ARR 128Over the course of the spring and summer, a substantial amount of dirt and debris can accumulate in the gutter and downspout system of a residential or commercial property. Leaves and twigs, maple tree keys, asphalt shingle granules, and other foreign items all seem to find a way to get from their rightful places to the bottom of an eavestrough.

Since the collection of such materials cannot be seen from ground level, homeowners or property managers may be lulled into a false sense of security that their drainage system is working as designed. Any inklings of potential or actual repair work might not cross their minds – until the amount of debris becomes significant enough to basically block the appropriate flow of water along the gutter and downspout system, forcing it to spill over the front edge instead. This can result in water damage and likely unnecessary repairs to any or all of the following:

  • Roofing materials
  • Roof sub-structure
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Siding or cladding
  • Building masonry/foundation

These repair bills can be considerable and all due to just an unseen accumulation of dirt and debris. This becomes further magnified if the dirt and debris is not removed prior to the winter season – a build-up of snow and ice on the roof can increase the potential for major structural damage and major repair costs, particularly if an eavestrough does not function properly during any freezing-and-thawing cycles.

Much if not all of such structural damage and its associated gutter repair costs can be avoided with regular cleanup and maintenance in the fall. This includes the removal of accumulated dirt and debris from the gutters and/or the mouths of the downspouts as well as a thorough inspection of the following to determine if any pre-winter repair work may be required:

  • How securely each eavestrough is attached to the fascia
  • The correct configuration/alignment of the downspouts
  • All seams and corners for possible leaks or misalignment
  • The body and base of each gutter for holes or rusting
  • The condition of the fascia and soffits – any rotting?
  • Any sagging or other impediments to proper water flow

Although this cleanup and maintenance inspection can be completed by the homeowner or the commercial property manager, some of the potential gutter repair issues may not be as readily apparent as an obvious leak or hanging/sagging section of the eavestrough. To ensure that all possibilities are thoroughly examined and inspected, it may be advisable to utilize the gutter cleanup and maintenance services provided by Avenue Road Roofing.

Fall Gutter Cleanup And Maintenance Can Identify Preventative Repair Needs

A gutter and eavestrough cleanup and maintenance inspection in the fall can identify preventative measures that will lead to significant savings in unnecessary gutter repair costs as well as peace-of-mind that your roof drainage system will function as intended and designed during the winter season.

Some of the more commonly detected issues and recommended preventative measures consist of:

  • The need to firmly reattach/re-secure a gutter to its fascia
  • Complete replacement of soffits and fascia due to rotting/infestation
  • Adjusting the grade/slope of the eavestrough to allow proper water flow
  • Unclogging downspouts – at the openings or deep within the drainpipes
  • Full or partial replacement of faulty or rusted gutters
  • Installing drip edges to protect fascia (ensuring water runs into gutters)
  • Installation of metal/mesh gutter guards (to prevent debris accumulation)
  • Installation of additional downspouts for better overall drainage
  • Caulking or resealing corners/joints/seams to stem potential leaks

Identifying any/all of the above in their earliest stages and addressing such issues prior to the onset of winter will play a key role in preventing/reducing more extensive damage from snow and/or ice accumulation. The experts at Avenue Road Roofing are qualified to detect these types of issues and perform any needed gutter repair work both quickly and competently.

Build-up and unidentified/untreated issues can cause serious damage to your roof and/or the exterior and interior of your home or commercial property. Call the specialists at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to book your fall gutter cleanup and maintenance inspection.