Reasons to Fix a Leaking Roof As Soon As Possible

There Are Several Benefits to Addressing a Leaking Roof As Soon As Possible

Roofer Fixing RoofWhen pressed on the subject, a vast majority of homeowners may reluctantly admit that they are perhaps not always as diligent or attentive as they might be when it comes to matters of maintaining their home and property.  While there may be certain aspects of these responsibilities that they will perform routinely, some even with enthusiasm, there could be other tasks that often reside on a list labeled as ‘it can wait until next week’.

While the consequences of some ‘postponed’ items may only be cosmetic in nature, such as a yellowed lawn or overgrown bushes, non-action in other situations can have rather severe repercussions.  An example of the latter would be the fallout from neglecting to address a leaking roof; the penalties, so to speak, can be very extensive and very costly.

Failure to take immediate action with a roof leak can be likened to ignoring a persistent cough that ultimately develops into a serious respiratory illness; not repairing a roof leak at its outset can allow a small problem to transform into more significant issues relative to:

  • Structural damage to the roof or home
  • Substantial emotional and financial strain
  • Health and safety concerns for the occupants

Therefore, to avoid any/all of the above consequences, it is strongly recommended that homeowners remain vigilant in identifying signs pointing to a need for roof leak repairs; these indicators can include but are not limited to:

  • Stains on the ceiling or walls
  • Water on the basement floor
  • Wet carpet near the fireplace
  • Granule accumulation in gutters
  • Damaged and/or missing shingles
  • Mold growth on the roof/in the attic
  • Ice dam formation during the winter
  • Faulty caulking around flashing/skylights

If any such signs are identified, taking the initiative to contact a roof leak repair provider such as Avenue Road Roofing can help homeowners avoid far more serious complications like the following:

  • Need for a complete roof replacement
  • Weakening of the interior walls or ceilings
  • Partial collapse/rotting of the roof sub-structure
  • Replacement of gutter system; soffits and fascia
  • Safety hazards due to potential electrical shortages
  • Extensive interior renovations/ replacement of property
  • A reduction in energy efficiency (increased energy costs)
  • Development of respiratory infections (from mold/fungus)

It should be readily apparent that there are several benefits to fixing a leaking roof as soon as possible, including structural, financial, emotional, and health and safety factors.  When roof leak repair is required, homeowners can rely on the skills and experience of Avenue Road Roofing to help prevent far more serious and expensive damage to the roof and/or the home.

Select a Skilled and Experience Contractor to Complete Any Roof Leak Repairs

Leaking CeilingAvenue Road Roofing has more than 40 years of experience in addressing/rectifying roof leaks throughout Toronto and the GTA.  In the same vein that there are several benefits to fixing roof leaks as soon as possible, there are several reasons to select Avenue Road Roofing to carry out such repairs.

When homeowners contract Avenue Road Roofing to fix a leaking roof, they can expect the following:

  • Complete roof assessment to identify the origin of the leak
  • Roof inspection executed by qualified, experienced inspectors
  • Detailed estimate, including the scope of work and all charges
  • High quality roofing products, installed with superior workmanship

For further information on the roof leak repair services offered by Avenue Road Roofing, please visit our Roof Leak Page.

If you suspect or have evidence of a roof leak, it is highly recommended to address the matter as quickly as possible.  Call the roof leak repair experts at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule a full roof inspection to detect the source of the leak and have it repaired effectively before further damage can occur.