How a Properly Insulated and Ventilated Attic Preserves Roof Health

The Importance of Attic Ventilation in Averting Roof Repairs for Toronto Homes

Roof Peak With Attic VentThe attic space of a home plays a significant role in preserving the health of the roof and thus in extending its life; the key to a successful outcome in this scenario is an effective combination of proper attic ventilation and adequate attic insulation.

A properly ventilated attic allows air to flow freely through that space; this is achieved by a continuous intake of air through vents in the soffits or gables, which pushes hot/moist air out via exhaust vents in the surface of the roof. If this air flow is either ineffective or impeded in some way, it can create an imbalance between the attic air temperature and that of the outside air, which in turn can lead to an accumulation of moisture in the attic.

Consequently, this moisture accumulation can result in the need for extensive and costly roof repairs, or perhaps a roof replacement, for homeowners in East York and throughout Toronto due to:

  • Deterioration of the asphalt shingles
  • Rotting of the rafters and/or roof decking
  • The growth/development of mold and mildew
  • Wet/damp insulation (reduced energy efficiency)
  • Water penetration subsequent to ice dam formation

With the winter weather fast approaching, Toronto area homeowners will want to ensure that their attic ventilation is sufficient to prevent expensive roof repair issues, especially damage caused by the Formation of Ice Dams and to also help manage energy consumption costs throughout the colder months.

Therefore, it might be advisable for these homeowners to safeguard the health of their roof by having an air flow assessment performed by an experienced and certified roofing contractor such as Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto. The Avenue Road Roofing experts can determine whether any corrective measures might be required to protect the health and integrity of the roof, and the health and safety of the family, prior to winter’s arrival.

Visit our Attic Ventilation page for more insight on the importance of attic ventilation and the related services offered by Avenue Road Roofing.

Adequate Attic Insulation Plays a Key Role in Roof Health and Energy Efficiency

Worker Installing An Attic Vent DuctAs mentioned above, proper attic ventilation is just one important element in preserving the health of a roof; another critical factor is adequate attic insulation.

Homeowners are likely aware that, without any attic insulation, the temperatures in their home could become virtually intolerable and their energy efficiency (heating and cooling bills) would be unmanageable; this is because attic insulation acts like a thermal barrier that inhibits the transfer of heat; it keeps hot air out over the summer and prevents warm air from escaping during the winter, thus moderating the amount of energy required to cool and heat the home respectively.

However, this balancing/controlling of attic temperatures also helps avert the formation of Ice Dams in the winter; it prevents snow on the roof from melting too quickly and thus having excess water run down toward the gutters and freezing/forming an ice dam when it is once again exposed to colder air/temperatures.

An added benefit of adequate attic insulation is its positive affect on air quality inside the home; by limiting air flow between the attic and the interior living space, it can also limit the amount of dust, pollen, etc. that may enter a home and be inhaled by its occupants. Go to our Improving Air Quality page for more information on this specific subject.

Therefore, in addition to aiding with overall energy efficiencies, adequate attic insulation can provide substantial benefits with respect to:

  • Preservation of roof health and longevity
  • Improvement of air quality inside the home
  • Prevention of costly roof repairs or replacement

As part of their assessment of an attic’s ventilation, the staff at Avenue Road Roofing can also recommend approved service providers with expertise in the area of interior building insulation and air sealing, at the request of the homeowner; Avenue Road Roofing works in collaboration with these experts in order to provide a complete attic services package for the benefit and satisfaction of their customers throughout Toronto and the GTA.

For additional background on the Attic Ventilation services provided by the professionals from Avenue Road Roofing for properties in East York and throughout Toronto, please see our Attic Ventilation page.

Inefficient attic ventilation and inadequate attic insulation can have a significant effect on to the health and integrity of a roof. Call the roofing specialists at Avenue Road Roofing today at 647-360-7743 or Contact us to schedule an attic air flow assessment as soon as possible to ensure that your roof is in optimal health before the arrival of winter.