Preventative Steps to Better Protect the Gutters on Your Home

How to Attain and Maintain Optimal Performance from Gutters and Downspouts

New Eavestroughing SystemMost residential property owners understand the importance of having a well-functioning gutter system; the effectiveness of the gutters and downspouts in collecting and carrying away rainwater and melted snow from the roof plays a vital role in protecting their home from harmful water damage and expensive structural repairs.

However, in order to perform at their highest level of efficiency, gutter systems will need regular attention and upkeep on the part of the homeowner.  Although such systems are designed to operate on-demand, there can be a tendency to assume that all is good in terms of their condition and ability to function properly when needed; unfortunately, this assumption may come crashing to the ground – figuratively or literally – if the system is not protected and/or is poorly maintained.

Failure to adequately maintain the gutters and downspouts, especially a lack of attention and/or effort to keep them clear of debris, can result in water damage to several parts of the roof structure and various areas the home itself; such damage can include but is not limited to:

  • Issues related to the shingles
  • Rotting of the soffit and fascia
  • Fascia board weakening/failure
  • Water penetration into the home
  • Crumbling of the exterior masonry
  • Staining on aluminum or vinyl siding
  • Moisture and/or cracks in the foundation
  • Detriment to the curb appeal of the home

Based on the above, it would be prudent for Toronto homeowners to protect their homes and properties, and save undesirable repair costs, by taking whatever steps necessary to avoid blocked/congested eavestrough systems; such actions can be preventative (gutter protection) or corrective (gutter cleaning) in nature.

The specialists from Avenue Road Roofing, a leading roofing company in Toronto for over 40 years, have extensive experience with eavestrough cleaning, installation and repair.  As a result of this level of familiarity/understanding, the team from Avenue Road Roofing offers the following suggestions to help Toronto homeowners better protect their gutters, and hence protect the overall structural integrity of their roof and home.

  • Study the Neighbouring Area
    • Does the neighbourhood have a significant number of tall or mature trees?
    • Can these types of trees deposit debris (leaves, maple keys) in the gutters?
    • This could mean that gutter cleaning might need to be done more frequently
  • Pay Attention to the Weather
    • If there is debris on the lawn after heavy rain, it is likely in the gutters too
    • Heavy downpours can deposit granules (from asphalt shingles) into gutters
    • High winds can snap branches/twigs/leaves and carry them onto the rooftop
  • Trim Overhanging Tree Branches
    • These are a prime source of debris that can clog eavestroughs/downspouts
    • They can also block the flow of water themselves by hanging into the gutters
    • Furthermore, they can cause roof damage if they break or crack during storms
  • Perform Regular Gutter Cleaning
    • Despite its role in carrying away rainwater, an eavestrough is not self-cleaning
    • Dirt, debris, granules can accumulate then harden when dried by sun and wind
    • Spring-fall should be a minimum frequency, with as-needed cleaning in between
  • Consider Installing Leaf Guards
    • This is a long-term gutter protection solution; an investment rather than a cost
    • These screens are installed over the gutters to help prevent debris accumulation
    • Water run-off from the roof passes through the leaf guards into unclogged gutters

Water needs to flow smoothly along the eaves of the home in order to minimize the risks of structural damage and costly repairs.  The suggestions noted above provide the basis of an effective maintenance program for protecting and cleaning gutters and downspouts and thus helping homeowners achieve/maintain optimal performance from this system.

Complete Eavestrough Cleaning Services for Toronto and Area Homeowners

New Gutter InstallationToronto homeowners who may not have the time or inclination for eavestrough cleaning or those who have concerns about working at heights would be well-advised to contract a roofing company, such as Avenue Road Roofing, to handle this particular task.

The eavestrough cleaning services provided by the Avenue Road Roofing crews include:

  • Inspection/assessment of all gutters/downspouts
  • Bagging of all debris collected during the cleaning
  • Checking to ensure adequate water flow and drainage
  • Minor repairs (re-securing clasps, sealing seams/corners)
  • A free estimate, should more extensive repairs be required

For more details on the eavestrough cleaning services offered by Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto, see our Eavestrough Cleaning page.

The experts from Avenue Road Roofing are backed by more than 40 years of experience in providing eavestrough installation, repair, and cleaning services for Toronto and area homeowners; many of these customers take the opportunity to express their satisfaction with the Avenue Road Roofing crews by submitting written reviews to HomeStars, a free online service to help homeowners make informed hiring decisions when they are looking for various home improvement contractors including roofers and eavestroughs installers.

To read recent feedback posted on HomeStars by local residents relative to Avenue Road Roofing’s work on their eavestroughs, go to our HomeStars Review page.

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