Pre-Winter Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Roof Inspection and Maintenance Now Offers Peace-of-Mind Over the Winter

Inspecting and repairing damaged roof shinglesFor many Southern Ontario residents, the Thanksgiving weekend in October is often the time when they begin the process of winterizing their home and property.  The final long weekend of the calendar year just seems to be the right stretch of days for homeowners to ensure that the pool is properly closed, the patio furniture is cleaned and stored away, windows are washed, flower pots are emptied, and the snow blower is readied for use.

There are many other winterizing rituals of course, depending on the particular needs of the homeowner and their property, but one area that often gets overlooked is their roof.  That’s right, the roof – even though there may be no evidence of damage or leaks, it is extremely important to include a roof inspection in fall home maintenance/winterizing.

A roof can undergo some significant changes over the course of the spring and summer, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • General aging
  • Amount of rainfall
  • Exposure to high winds
  • Exposure to intense heat
  • Orientation to direct sunlight
  • Effectiveness of attic ventilation
  • Nesting habits of birds and insects

Therefore, in essentially the same manner that homeowners will have their vehicles and furnaces checked and tuned-up for the coming winter cold, a pre-winter roof inspection should be performed while the fall weather conditions remain somewhat accommodating.  This will allow sufficient time and opportunity to assess the condition of the roof before the ice and snow return to Toronto and its surrounding area once again.

While homeowners can complete their own pre-winter roof inspection and maintenance, it would be highly worthwhile to have this work done by a professional roofing contractor like Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.  Trained crews from Avenue Road Roofing have the knowledge and expertise to perform a comprehensive roof inspection with respect to the assessment of:

  • Potential issues
  • Existing problems
  • Longevity or lifespan
  • Immediate repair needs
  • Overall energy efficiency
  • Overall structural integrity

Furthermore, a professional roof inspection removes the risk of potential injury for those homeowners who may find it uncomfortable to walk about the pitch/perimeter of a roof.  Therefore, investing in the services of a roofing contractor such as Avenue Road Roofing can offer peace-of-mind from the perspectives of:

  • Roof-readiness for the upcoming winter
  • Potential savings – roof repairs; energy costs
  • Avoiding possible safety risks for the homeowner

Avoid Unnecessary and Unwanted Roof Repair Costs for Your Toronto Home

Roof Inspection Before Winter by a Roofing Expert

As with most other aspects of owning a home, the lack of regular roof maintenance can and likely will reduce its life expectancy.  In fact, there is evidence to suggest that a roof may lose virtually half of its estimated lifespan if it is not well-maintained; this means a greater probability of full replacement costs before-its-time, so to speak, as well as more potential for roof leaks and other costly roof repairs throughout that shortened timespan.

A significant portion of these unnecessary and unwanted costs can be avoided through regular roof inspections and timely maintenance.  A pre-winter roof inspection by Avenue Road Roofing can determine the existence of actual or pending roof leaks or other issues related to:

  • Shingles
  • Attic ventilation
  • Vents and pipes
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Flashing and caulking
  • Skylights and chimneys
  • Gutters and downspouts

To ensure that your roof is ready for the coming winter season and to prevent unwanted major roof repairs, call the experts from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to schedule a pre-winter roof inspection at your earliest convenience.