Pre-Winter Brick and Masonry Repairs for Commercial Buildings

Why Chimney and Masonry Inspections, Repairs Should Be Done Before Winter

Beige and Stone House in the FallCommercial property owners and business owners are likely aware that potential clients, despite the oft-quoted metaphor to not judge a book by its cover, will make assumptions about the quality or value of any products or services based on the physical appearance of a building’s exterior. Stated another way, if the outside of the building shows signs of deterioration or is poorly preserved, what does that say about the business itself?

Surely, if there is any damage that may affect the security of a building and/or that of its occupants, perhaps a broken window or a faulty door lock, the property owner/manager will appreciate the urgency of the situation and call upon a certified contractor to resolve the matter immediately. But what about situations relating to the entrance, foundation, masonry, or chimney of a building that are visible for all to see; should they not receive the same level of prompt attention?

Of course, the correct (only?) answer to this question is: yes, they should; and there are several valid reasons to support the prompt attention to any necessary masonry work or repairs, particularly before the snow, ice, and cold of winter arrive in Etobicoke and the surrounding communities of the Greater Toronto Area.

Left in disrepair, brick and masonry work exposed to winter weather conditions can pose several concerns for business owners, tenants, employees, and/or clients; these include:

  • A diminished overall curb appeal
  • Reduced energy efficiency (heat loss)
  • Leaks/water penetration in the foundation
  • Leaks/water penetration from the chimney
  • Flaking/crumbling of the outer layer of bricks
  • Weakening of the building’s structural integrity
  • Upheaval of any steps or walkways (liability issues)
  • Unanticipated business closures and expensive repairs

Bricklayer Repointing Old BricksTo avoid any such circumstances, and their inherent repercussions, commercial property owners should invest in a masonry and chimney inspection as soon as possible; although the fall weather in Etobicoke and Toronto has been rather mild to date, it will not be long before temperatures drop and the snow arrives, so any delay may prove to be costly and perhaps regrettable as well.

The masonry division at Avenue Road Roofing can perform such inspections, and address any identified repair needs, with the skills and expertise required to return the building’s structural integrity and appearance to safe and satisfactory levels respectively; as part of their masonry work, Avenue Road Roofing makes a concerted effort to closely match the colours/textures of any new bricks and mortar to the existing materials of the building.

See our Masonry Work page for additional information on the masonry services for Commercial Properties provided by the specialists from Avenue Road Roofing.

Complete Masonry Work and Repair Services for the Entire Building Envelope

There are many factors that can contribute to the deterioration/weakening of the bricks and masonry work of commercial properties in Etobicoke and throughout Toronto; these elements consist of the following:

  • Quality of the bricks/mortar
  • Quality of the initial installation
  • Penetration by water, ice, or frost
  • Settling or shifting of the foundation
  • Aging/exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Aggressive cleaning/sandblasting activities
  • Exposure to excessive vibration/construction
  • Impact damage (accidents, acts of vandalism)

Regardless of the cause, the Masonry team from Avenue Road Roofing can address any and all repair issues and needs relating to the building envelope. Their services include:

  • Brick replacements
  • Chimney repairs/rebuilds
  • Waterproofing the foundation
  • Fireplace construction or repairs
  • Parapet wall construction/repairs
  • Repairing of brick or stone window sills
  • Mortar joint repairs – tuck-pointing; repointing
  • Formed concrete (stairs, walkways, retaining walls)

For additional information on the full range of masonry repairs, including chimney repair, provided by the building envelope professionals from Avenue Road Roofing, please visit our Masonry Repairs page.

If your business or commercial property in Etobicoke needs masonry work or repairs, act now before the winter season arrives and avoid unnecessary complications and expense. Call the Avenue Road Roofing masonry division today at 416-785-5129 or Contact us to request a visit by our masonry experts at your earliest convenience.