Knowing When It Is Time to Replace Your Eavestroughs

Many Different Signs Can Point to Eavestrough Repair or Replacement Needs

Expert Eavestrough RepairAn important part of overall roof maintenance that is frequently overlooked is the proper functioning of the eavestrough system, i.e. gutters and downspouts. A properly installed and optimally-working system carries run-off water from the roof via the gutters to the downspouts, which in turn direct that water away from the foundation of the home.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have a tendency to neglect their eavestrough system until it is too late. Their failure to keep their gutters and downspouts clean and free of debris or to ensure through regular inspection that they remain in good repair can result in expensive water damage to different areas of the home, not to mention the direct cost of having to replace the system in its entirety; all of this can be further magnified by the age of the eavestroughs and the type of material used in their construction, notably vinyl or plastic which tend to have shorter lifespans.

Signs that an eavestrough system might be in need of repair or replacement consist of:

  • Water leaking from seams, corners, joints
  • Obvious signs of rust or holes in the material
  • Pinhole leaks along the base of the eavestroughs
  • Beads of moisture on the exterior face of the gutters
  • Any evidence of rotting or mold on the fascia or soffit
  • Separation between the eavestroughing and the fascia
  • Excessive ice build-up (ice dams) along an edge of the roof
  • Water stains on exterior masonry or aluminum or vinyl siding
  • Run-off water from the roof overflowing the edge of the gutters

As noted above, age, composition, and/or the lack of attention to maintenance can result in extensive structural damage to the exterior or the interior of a home; some examples that eavestrough repair/replacement is long overdue for a Toronto homeowner include:

  • Cracks and leaks in the foundation
  • Flooding of the basement or garage
  • Water stains on interior walls/ceilings
  • Damage to exterior masonry or siding
  • Shifting or heaving of adjacent walkways
  • Damage to landscaping adjacent to the home

To address any eavestrough repair or replacement needs, contracting the services of an experienced installer, like Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto, would be a prudent decision on the part of the homeowner, particularly in light of the ice storms and heavy snow that may be in the offing for the coming winter season.

Expert Eavestrough Repair and Replacement Services for Residents of Toronto

Eavestrough Repair or ReplacementIt should be apparent at this point that maintaining the eavestroughs in optimal working condition is one of the many vital steps to protecting the value of a home and property.

In addition to the routine inspection and cleaning of the eavestroughs by a homeowner, this maintenance regimen might occasionally require professional support in the form of repair or replacement services. To that end, Toronto-area homeowners can count on the experts from Avenue Road Roofing to provide the following:

  • Quick turn-around times
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Adherence to safety standards
  • Complete customer satisfaction

The Avenue Road Roofing team is certainly experienced in the repair and replacement of eavestrough systems. Avenue Road Roofing is also one of the select few contractors in the Greater Toronto Area approved as an installer for the RainPro Design Series gutter system, a specially-designed product that provides superior water flow/drainage over the more conventional styles.

If you are experiencing some type of leak or ineffective drainage with your eavestrough system, it could be time for repairs or full replacement. Call the eavestrough repair and replacement specialists from Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto at 416-785-5129 today or contact us for a no-obligation quote.