Know Your Warranty When Having a New Roof Installed

It is Highly Recommended to Read and Understand All Parts of a Roof Warranty

Parts of Roof WarrantyBy definition, a warranty is a written statement that guarantees the good condition of a product and further stipulates that the manufacturer or supplier has the responsibility for repairing or replacing that item for a specified period of time after its purchase. These types of assurances are often essential components of major purchases or investments in a home or a property, such as a new roof, doors/windows, furnace, or air conditioner.

Unfortunately, and more frequently than one might suspect, a consumer or homeowner will contact a manufacturer or a service company with a warranty claim only to find that:

  • The warranty period has expired
  • An extended warranty was needed (from time of purchase)
  • The seller’s warranty does not include any manufacturer defects
  • The manufacturer’s warranty does not extend to incorrect installation or use

Consequently, this can result in protracted and frustrating communications/negotiations to achieve a satisfactory resolution to the situation, and likely out-of-pocket expenses for the consumer or the homeowner to repair or replace the particular item in question; this is why it is so important to heed that traditionally-offered advice to ‘read the fine print’.

With specific reference to investing in a new roof, a warranty should address and cover:

  • Manufacturing defects (the materials)
  • Workmanship concerns (the installation)

However, due to these very different areas of content, a roofing warranty should not be assumed as comprehensive and just filed away in the event it might one day be needed. It is therefore critical to systematically review and understand all aspects of the roofing warranty, and to solicit a thorough explanation from a representative of the installation company if there are any statements or conditions that are vague or confusing.

Roof Warranty Specifics Can Vary Based on Manufacturer and Roofing Company

Roof Warranty SpecificsSimilar to the warranties with most other types of goods or services, roof warranties will vary based on the manufacturer of the materials, the types of materials used, and the roofing company chosen to complete the repair work or the new roof installation.

Before signing an agreement with any roofing company, it is advisable that homeowners invest the time to review all aspects of the warranty to ensure a full understanding of its terms and conditions. While both the homeowner and the roofing company would likely prefer that a warranty claim never needs to be filed, it is simply a good practice on the part of the homeowner to know what is contained in the document.

When discussing a roof warranty with Avenue Road Roofing, a leading roofing company in Toronto for over 40 years, it would be judicious to review the following points:

  • Materials
    • What is the length of the warranty on the roofing materials?
    • Does this period vary for other parts of the system e.g. gutters?
    • In a specific context, what does ‘lifetime warranty’ actually mean?
    • Is the roof warranty transferable to any future owners of the home?
    • Are there any stipulations that limit the applicability of the warranty?
    • What are the circumstances or situations that could nullify coverage?
    • Are any replacement labour costs also covered? and to what amount?
    • Are they willing to assist with claims made directly to a manufacturer?
  • Workmanship
    • What is the extent of the warranty on installation of all roof components?
    • What are the terms/conditions/limitations of the roofing company warranty?
    • Who is responsible to cover additional costs for materials, labour, and taxes?
    • Will they perform on-site inspections to investigate warranty claim situations?
    • What is the claims process – contact an internal department? or a third party?

A roof replacement represents a significant investment in protecting a home and family, and the guarantees afforded by a roof warranty are an essential part of the process. The professionals from Avenue Road Roofing fully understand the need for such security and assurance; this is evident by the availability of a dedicated warranty department to answer any and all questions about roof warranties and to support their customers in the processing of any claims.

See for more information on the roof replacement and roof warranty services offered by Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.

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