Installation of Skylights Presents a Wide Range of Benefits

There Are Many Benefits That Can Be Enjoyed from the Installation of Skylights

Skylights InstallationMost people likely do not need published scientific data to support the positive effects of natural light on their mood/outlook toward personal and work-related matters. Informal surveys would probably produce enough evidence to conclude that people generally feel more energetic and engaged in their daily activities, even mundane household chores, if they are outside in bright sunshine or in a well-lit indoor environment; for example:

  • Having lunch at a sidewalk cafe compared to a cramped cafeteria
  • Working in a window-lit space versus a corner office in a warehouse
  • Doing yard work under sunny skies instead of damp/drizzly conditions
  • Shopping in sky-lit malls in contrast to bargain basement-type settings

Though sunny skies certainly cannot be guaranteed every day of the year in Toronto and surrounding area, local residents and business owners do have the means to inject more natural light into their properties without sacrificing any living or work space or structural integrity; this can be accomplished through strategically-planned skylight installation.

Why skylights? Because greater exposure to sunlight or natural light through well-placed skylights can lead to several benefits for homeowners and their family members, as well as business owners, their employees, and clients; the many benefits of skylights include:

  • Physical and Psychological
    • Reductions in eye fatigue/strain and headaches
    • Improvements in temperament and energy levels
    • Prevention of vitamin D and vitamin B1 deficiencies
    • Natural disinfectant – prevents growth of bacteria, mold
    • More access to natural light in times of fewer daylight hours
  • Aesthetics/Curb Appeal
    • An opportunity to observe nature and/or the skies while indoors
    • Skylight installation can be used to accent rooms, offices, lobbies
    • Can give better definition to decor, space, and architectural details
  • Energy Conservation
    • Lower hydro costs – reduces the amount of artificial lighting required
    • Lower heating costs – spaces are warmer due to penetration of sunlight
  • Personal Comfort
    • Skylight installation can add warmth/diffuse light to north and east exposures
    • Some skylights can be opened or vented to exchange stale/hot air for fresh air
  • Productivity Improvements
    • Can have a positive impact on employee performance (offices, meeting rooms)
    • Brighter and/or more natural lighting helps stimulate creativity/idea generation

In order to make the most of the benefits that can be achieved from the installation of skylights, it is essential that property owners choose an experienced and reliable roofing contractor that specializes in skylight installation; one such contractor would be Avenue Road Roofing, a leader within the roofing industry in Toronto for more than 40 years.

The experts from Avenue Road Roofing are fully trained in the correct method of skylight installation to provide long-lasting enjoyment and benefits for residential and commercial property owners in Toronto.

Expert Skylight Installation Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Skylight Installation ServicesSkylight installation in any existing structure basically means cutting a hole into the roof. Consequently, this process must be done with the necessary expertise to avoid any post-installation leaks or structural issues, both immediate and over time.

The skilled team at Avenue Road Roofing will take all steps necessary to ensure that the skylight installation process is completed systematically and properly, thereby providing a weather-tight seal while also averting untoward effects such as wind noise and thermal movement (expansion and contraction). These important steps consist of the following:

  • Use of quality materials from reputable manufacturers
  • Curb-mounting to position the skylight above the roofline
  • Affixing the proper membrane, step flashing, weather stripping
  • Installation of metal flashing around perimeter of the skylight curb
  • Structural reinforcement to support the added weight of the skylight

Avenue Road Roofing can perform skylight installations in several different types of roofs (shingle, metal) and roof surfaces (sloped, flat) with equivalent skill and precision. Their team can also assist property owners who are experiencing issues with existing skylights by diagnosing the source of the problem, recommending an appropriate course of action, and professionally repairing or replacing the skylight to the property owner’s satisfaction.

For more information about the expert skylight installation and repair services offered by Avenue Road Roofing for residential and commercial properties in Toronto and area,  please see our skylight installation section.

There are many reasons why skylights would make an ideal addition to a home or office. For expert skylight installation, call the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto at 416-785-5129 today or contact us to request a free estimate on how we can help you enjoy the many benefits of skylights.