Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof and Your Home

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency through a Professional Roof Inspection

Thermal Detection in HomeAnyone who has owned their home for more than one minute can likely attest to the fact that maintenance costs can consume a large portion of their monthly budget.  And, after their mortgage, property taxes, groceries, and vehicle operating expenses are also paid, there may be little disposable income left for entertainment and leisure activities.

For such reasons, homeowners in East York might look for ways to reduce their monthly spending; this could mean taking such measures as bringing a lunch to work, downsizing to a smaller car, or eliminating a landline telephone service.  These decisions, and others like them, can save them some money; but many may not directly address the high cost of home maintenance, particularly those expenses related to heating and cooling bills.

When homeowners are looking to reduce such costs, one area of their home that is often left out of this equation is the roofing.  While most people understand the importance of their roof in terms of providing protection from the elements, they may be less aware of its part in energy efficiency.  In fact, keeping a roof in good working order not only helps save unnecessary repair bills but will also play an important role in climate control within the home – and hence save on heating and cooling costs, too.

There are several aspects to guaranteeing that a roof is delivering optimal performance when it comes to energy efficiency; these factors include:

  • Regular roof inspections
  • Routine maintenance and repairs
  • Adequate attic insulation and ventilation
  • Proper caulking (flashing, vents, skylights)
  • Chimney care/maintenance (cap, masonry)

All of the above can make significant contributions to the energy efficiency of a property, starting with a roof inspection by the expert roofers from Avenue Road Roofing. Please go to our Roof Diagnostics page for further information on the extent of this inspection.

As one of East York’s leading roofing contractors for over 40 years, Avenue Road Roofing can provide comprehensive roof inspections, and any repairs or upgrades as needed, for residential and commercial properties to ensure optimal roof performance and help these owners with energy conservation and savings. For more insight on the services provided by Avenue Road Roofing for the Residential and Commercial properties of East York, see our Attic Ventilation and Roof Repairs pages.

Consider Alternative Roofing Materials and Coatings for Better Energy Efficient

Worker Spraying Blown Fiberglass InsulationAnother option for improving energy efficiency that warrants consideration relates to the choice of roofing materials and/or roof coatings. These could be viable alternatives when modifying/upgrading an existing roof or in cases where a full roof replacement is needed.

Avenue Road Roofing offers a variety of energy-efficient materials and services to help address such initiatives for residential and commercial property owners; these consist of but are not limited to the following:

  • Converting to glazed concrete tiles or metal roofing
  • Replacing standard shingles with heat-reflecting shingles
  • Applying a cool-coating or cool-roofing paint or membrane
  • Exchanging darker-coloured materials for more neutral shades
  • Transforming an existing commercial flat roof into green roofing
  • Swapping existing skylights for those with an energy-efficient glaze

By consulting with the experienced roofers at Avenue Road Roofing, East York property owners can gain some valuable insight on the best option or options to suit their energy efficiency needs and cost-saving goals, both short-term and long-term.  Furthermore, by implementing one or more of these roofing upgrades or improvements, homeowners and business owners can also:

  • Extend the lifespan of their roof
  • Increase home and workplace comfort
  • Potentially qualify for financial incentives/rebates

See the Effects of Roofing Materials on Energy Efficiency page for additional information on the energy-efficient roofing initiatives available from Avenue Road Roofing, an experienced roofing contractor serving East York residents for more than four decades.

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