This past Friday afternoon; the Premier of Ontario announced changes for the construction industry, insisting that all non-essential construction projects be closed down for a two week period.

The effort is to have more persons isolating at home in the province and to reduce the curve of infections from Covid 19.  We applaud the Premier for taking decisive action and as such, AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® and AVENUE ROAD MASONRY are taking the following actions in compliance with said orders:

Existing Roof & Chimney Replacements of a Non-Urgent Nature:

  • We will delay all such installations, and re-schedule such work with our existing clients when the Province permits such work to occur (currently two weeks weather permitting). Our Production Coordinator (working remotely); is in the process of contacting any such clients that meet this criteria.
  • Project Estimators are also working from home in an effort to keep you, and their families safe. They are using aerial imagery technology and on-line tools to calculate your project costs. Clients that elect to move forward with roofing, masonry, and exterior renovation projects can authorize work electronically, as written estimates, contracts, photos, etc., can be supplied by our staff using on-line platforms for such purposes.
  • WE ENCOURAGE CLIENTS TO CARRY ON WITH THEIR ROOFING AND RENOVATION REQUIREMENTS. To the best of our collective ability, it is important for Canadians to continue to support our economy where possible. As warmer weather approaches, it is very possible to carry on with your needs, plans and desires for required exterior contracting services.
  • Due to some limitations of inspection at this time; your project will be screened prior to permitted delivery, to insure that such items as roofing layers, hidden details, etc. are vetted, and so any required details may be added or reduced, from the estimate price supplied. Any such items will be communicated to the client, and written authorization required; before any work may begin.
  • Estimators, Technicians or Roof Mechanics are not permitted to enter your business/ home or attic at this time for your safety and theirs. Such staff are isolating by staying home, with on-call capability to service emergency requirements and facilities as defined by the Premier’s announcement. Such facilities include health care, food distribution, senior residences, telecommunications, transport, condominium, etc.
  • The ARR® and ARM office /shop facility is currently closed for two weeks to the public. Business transactions such as making payments, authorizing contracts and proposals, and requests for service can all be processed online. Service requests may be directed through our website, or by calling us seven days a week. You will be contacted by our staff who are working from home.

Roof  Leaking? 

AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® is committed to servicing clients who are experiencing interior leaks which are resulting in interior damage, mold, animal intrusion, or placing commercial equipment or goods at risk. We are permitted to supply such services that are of an urgent nature as defined by the Premier.

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