Spring is the Ideal Time for the Installation or Replacement of Skylights in Your Roof

Capitalize on the Arrival of Spring Weather to Have New Skylights Installed

Beautiful Skylights In Toronto BathroomThe long-awaited arrival of spring weather coincides with a renewed energy for residents of Toronto; in addition to the boost in mood produced by their annual ritual of switching wardrobes from bulky winter coats/boots to shorts and cotton casual tops, people across the Greater Toronto Area are revitalized by the return of warm sunshine and more hours of natural light per day in which to delight in various pastimes.

When they cannot enjoy outdoor time for any reason, homeowners and their families will often invite the sun and natural light inside, so to speak, by keeping their drapes/blinds open as long as possible throughout the day. This not only makes the room brighter but it also admits natural solar heat and creates an impression that the room is larger; there is substantial consensus as well that natural light entering a home through the windows can have a positive effect on the temperament and outlook of those who reside within.

In essence, this is the premise behind skylight installation, which in the strictest sense is the insertion of windows into the roof of a home. Adding new skylights to a roof system can enhance the health and enliven the moods of family members and their guests alike; and what better time than the start of the spring season and its extended daylight hours to have a new skylight or skylights installed?

When skylights are properly installed, they can provide Toronto homeowners with a wide range of benefits beyond enriching their general quality of life; these benefits consist of:

  • Improved energy efficiency – thus lower utility costs
  • Aesthetic appeal – accentuating any rooms or entrances
  • Greater amount of unobstructed light than via the windows
  • The comfort and warmth that is produced by diffuse sunlight
  • Opportunity to appreciate nature and night skies from indoors
  • Better ventilation and air flow (for skylights that can be opened)

The installation of a skylight requires appropriate care and attention to make sure that it performs in optimal fashion and delivers maximum benefits to the homeowner and their family. Adding a new skylight to a roof system customarily includes the following steps:

  • Choosing the installation site
  • Cutting a precise/accurate opening
  • Correctly installing the frame and flashing
  • Certifying that there is ample support for the weight
  • Safeguarding the integrity of adjacent shingles and trusses
  • Properly sealing the perimeter against water leaks and air leaks
  • Restoring the ceiling and the drywall on the inner side (as needed)

For the daring homeowner, particularly someone who is reasonably comfortable working at heights and on a sloped surface, skylight installation can be done in a do-it-yourself fashion; provided that the above steps are taken into consideration and are completed with an adequate amount of skill and precision.

For the less adventurous who still want to capitalize on the many benefits of springtime skylight installation, it would be advisable to utilize the services of a professional roofing contractor with significant experience in installing new skylights, such as Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.

Expert Inspection, Repair and Installation of Skylights in Toronto and Area

Roofers Retrofitting SkylightJust like the roof itself, a skylight is exposed to conditions that can eventually lead to the need for professional repair. The most common problems encountered with skylights are water leaks, and the most common reasons why a skylight can start to leak are:

  • Poor installation
  • Inadequate flashing
  • Shoddy caulking/sealing
  • Wrong choice/type of skylight
  • Not suitable for the pitch of the roof
  • Debris blocking water from draining away

In more extreme circumstances, the entire skylight could need replacement; factors that may precipitate such a measure would be:

  • Age of the unit
  • Cracks or other damage
  • Condensation inside the glass
  • Loss of aesthetic appeal (staining)
  • Glass has a cloudy/milky appearance
  • Deterioration of the ultra-violet (UV) coating
  • Choice – upgrade quality, functionality, curb appeal

Whether an existing skylight needs repair or replacement, homeowners can count on the skill and experience of Avenue Road Roofing to isolate the root cause of the problem and rectify the situation quickly and efficiently. The specific course of action will be based on a skylight inspection and consultation with the homeowner; for more information on the skylight inspection, repair, and replacement services provided by the experts at Avenue Road Roofing, see our Skylight Repairs page.

Looking for professional skylight installation, repair, or replacement service this spring? Call Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or Contact us at your convenience to obtain your no-obligation estimate.