How to Identify and Repair Problems with Your Brick Work

There Are Overt Signs That Your Masonry Work is in Need of Immediate Repair

Stone and Masonry Work in TorontoMany homeowners, speaking from their personal experiences, can attest to the fact that something as common as water can be a rather destructive force.  There are countless examples of unsuspecting homeowners who have dealt with the aftermath of a leaking roof, in terms of both structural repairs and damage to the contents of their home.

Although water damage to a home is routinely associated with roof leaks or cracks in the foundation, moisture penetration can also be quite detrimental to the structural integrity of any masonry work.  This can lead to major defects or perhaps even outright collapse of such aspects of the home as chimneys, brick walls, porches, and archways.  It is also important to note that weakening of these structures is not linked to just rainy weather; based on the extreme weather conditions endured in Toronto, water damage can occur at any time of the year as a result of rain, melting snow, and frost/ice formation.

There are several overt signs that the structural integrity of masonry work is in some degree of jeopardy.  The most common of these indicators consist of:

  • Bulging bricks in an above-ground wall
  • Bulges or cracks in brick foundation walls
  • Loose bricks – usually from missing mortar
  • Diagonal cracks (appearing like stairs/steps)
  • Chipping or flaking (also referred to as spalling)
  • Efflorescence – white/crystalline deposits on surface

Should any of these signs be observed, and caught early on, the faulty masonry can be repaired in an effort to refortify the particular wall/structure.  The key steps to repairing such damaged stone work include:

  • Chipping out any remaining/existing mortar
  • Removing and cleaning old mortar from opening
  • Cleaning mortar from existing brick (if salvageable)
  • Applying fresh mortar to bottom/both sides of opening
  • Applying mortar to top of brick – sliding brick into place
  • Packing new mortar around brick using a tuck-pointing tool

Perhaps one of the more challenging aspects to performing the above process would be the effort required to find matching bricks, in colour and texture, for situations where the existing pieces cannot be reused.

Sometimes, the damage may be significantly more extensive, such that the homeowner will require a professional service to repair or perhaps rebuild the entire wall, chimney, or other brick/stone structure.  Since this type of damage may often be attributed to a current or previous roofing issue/leak, it may be beneficial to contract a roofing company that specializes in repairs to the complete building envelope, including any/all masonry.  One such provider is Avenue Road Roofing, a leading roofing company in Toronto and the GTA for more than 40 years.

Reliable and Competent Stone Work for Residential and Commercial Structures

The masonry division of Avenue Road Roofing offers expert services for residential and commercial properties that will reliably and competently satisfy a wide range of brick and stone work repair/replacement needs.  These specialists can skillfully perform all of the following masonry work and more for Toronto and area property owners:

  • Fireplace construction
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Complete chimney rebuilds
  • Brick work repair/replacement
  • Repair of brick/stone window sills
  • Formed concrete stairs, porches, walls

Moreover, with respect to its brick work repair and replacement service, Avenue Road Roofing specializes in matching all existing brick and mortar colours whenever possible.

If any of your masonry work is showing signs of distress and is in need of professional repair, rebuilding, or replacement, call the experts from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to book our services as soon as possible.