How to Decide if Reroofing or a Roof Replacement is the Better Option

Factors Influencing the Decision between Reroofing and a Roof Replacement

Reroofing or Roof ReplacementThe need for professional roofing services is seldom a planned or anticipated expense for a majority of Toronto homeowners. However, a roof will inescapably show signs of aging and a need for attention, particularly as a result of its repeated exposure to the seasonal weather conditions/extremes experienced in Southern Ontario.

Consequently, local residents will face an interesting decision at some point in time; that is, how to best address a roofing issue while simultaneously paying mindful attention to their budget. And, when the time comes to dealing with an aging roof, the question may boil down to deciding between reroofing and a full roof replacement.

Reroofing, by definition, is the process of installing a layer of new shingles onto the roof without removing the existing shingles; on the other hand, a roof replacement involves a tearing away of the existing layer followed by an installation of the new layer. Reroofing over the existing shingles (also known as a roof overlay) is usually less expensive versus a roof replacement (or a roof tear-off) because the former is less labour-intensive.

Just as reroofing has a very different meaning/implication than a roof replacement, there are specific circumstances when reroofing will be a differential option for a homeowner; conditions that may favour reroofing and its lower cost would include:

  • There are no broken or missing shingles in the existing layer
  • Any moss or mildew growth on the existing shingles is minimal
  • The roof deck has no evidence of rot or significant water damage
  • Roof remains in good condition but is nearing the end of its lifespan

Conversely, reroofing a house should be avoided in the following situations regardless of its potential cost advantages:

  • As an alternative to properly fixing an identified roofing issue
  • To cover only a portion of the roof (must be the entire surface)
  • There is a previous roof overlay in place (cannot add a third layer)
  • If there are concerns about the condition of the underlying roof deck

The final piece of the decision-making process is to consider the return on investment for the added cost of a complete roof replacement; factors supporting this option consist of:

  • An opportunity to assess the overall integrity of the roof structure
  • Better success rate with isolating, repairing, and/or preventing leaks
  • Eliminating the additional weight (or load) of a second layer of shingles
  • Roof life – new shingles over existing shingles usually have shorter lifespans
  • Reroofing may void the manufacturer’s warranty on the new-installed shingles
  • Reroofing may negatively affect heat dissipation, resulting in higher cooling bills

Despite the advantages of reroofing relative to its cost and installation time, there are several short-term and long-term benefits to investing in a complete roof replacement.

Make a Detailed Roof Inspection Part of the Reroofing vs Replacement Decision

Roof Inspection PlanBefore making a final decision on how to proceed, Toronto and area homeowners would be well-advised to have their roof thoroughly assessed via a professional roof inspection. An experienced roofing company, like Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto, can conduct such an inspection and provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the following:

  • Shingles
  • Roof decking
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Chimney and other masonry
  • Flashing, caulking, boots, etc.

Upon completing the inspection, Avenue Road Roofing will provide a written assessment of their findings, along with their recommendation of the best solution to restore the roof to an optimal performance level; this quote could compare a reroofing cost versus a full replacement cost depending on the overall condition and age of the roof.

For further information on the shingle roof inspection, repair, and replacement services provided by the knowledgeable professionals from Avenue Road Roofing, please go to Shingle roofs

To determine the best option for addressing issues with an aging shingle roof, call the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to book a roof inspection and consultation.