Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall and Winter

Address Roof and Masonry Repairs Before the Winter Cold Arrives in Toronto

Repairing ChimneyThe arrival of November typically signifies that Daylight Saving Time is coming to a close for another year. It also indicates that there is only a limited amount of time remaining for Toronto area residents to prepare their homes and properties for the onset of winter.

While some measures may be affected by time and other priorities, one item that should be included on all lists is a thorough inspection of the roof and building exterior to ensure that structural integrity is intact and that all necessary safeguards are in place; this will also be important in detecting whether any roof or masonry repairs should be addressed before the snow, high winds, and cold temperatures once again descend upon Toronto.

To assist homeowners and property owners with these preparations, the professionals at Avenue Road Roofing offer the following home maintenance checklist for fall and winter:

  • Attic – look for signs of condensation/water damage; examine condition of insulation
  • Basement – confirm that the floor/flooring is dry and that the space is well-insulated
  • Caulking – check for gaps/cracks around flashing, vents, windows, doors, and siding
  • Eavestroughs  – clear leaves/debris; inspect gutters, soffit, fascia for leaks/damage
  • Foundation – examine inside and outside for cracks, spalling, and moisture seepage
  • Masonry – check chimney, fireplace, brick walls, poured concrete for cracks/damage
  • Roof – inspect condition of shingles and deck; look for signs of leaks or mold/mildew
  • Siding – look for evidence of damage; test all panels for fixedness versus high winds
  • Ventilation – keep roof and attic vents clear of debris; block access by birds/rodents

Although this comprehensive inspection can be performed by the homeowner, it may be advisable to retain the services of trained roofers, like Avenue Road Roofing, to capitalize on their knowledge and familiarity in identifying potential or existing concerns that might not be immediately apparent to the untrained observer.

Subsequently, the Avenue Road Roofing crews can complete any roof or masonry repairs as needed before winter weather arrives and prevent further structural issues or water damage to the home or its contents.

Eavestrough Cleaning and Repair Are Vital to Protecting a Home During Winter

Roofer Cleaning Gutter On HomeWhile homeowners are raking and bagging leaves from their lawns and gardens this fall, they should also be attentive to the amount of leaves that is undoubtedly accumulating in their eavestroughs and downspouts.

Failing to clean out an eavestrough system prior to winter can have disastrous effects, as it will inhibit the effective collection and diversion of water or melted snow from the roof. Without a properly operating eavestrough and downspout system, Toronto homeowners can experience water damage to one/some of these areas of their home over the winter:

  • Shingles
  • Roof decking
  • Attic insulation
  • Soffits and fascia
  • External masonry/siding
  • Foundation and basement
  • Internal walls, ceilings, floors
  • The eavestroughing system itself

Although do-it-yourself eavestrough cleaning is a practical alternative, it can also present a challenge to those who are uncomfortable working at heights or those who do not have the time and inclination for such a job. Once again, it might be prudent for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA to consider the services of the skilled professionals from Avenue Road Roofing for their eavestroughing cleaning needs.

There are several benefits to contracting this work to Avenue Road Roofing. In addition to having the appropriate equipment, training, and liability coverage to work at heights, crews from Avenue Road Roofing can simultaneously clean and inspect the eavestrough system to assess whether any pre-winter repairs may be required; as with any identified roof repair needs, these crews can also complete any and all eavestrough repairs, upon homeowner approval, in an expedient manner.

Visit our Eavestrough Repairs page for more information on the eavestrough cleaning and repair services available from Avenue Road Roofing.

Address all roof, masonry, or eavestrough repairs before winter arrives. Call the experts from Avenue Road Roofing today at 647-360-7743 or Contact us to book a thorough cleaning of your eavestroughs and a full inspection of your roof and the entire building envelope.