Heavy Rain in Toronto This Spring Has Caused Homeowners Much Concern

Heavy Rains, High Winds This Spring Have Led to Extensive Damage in Toronto

Heavy Rain in OntarioWhen spring weather returns to Toronto and surrounding area, residents anticipate that there will be some rain in the forecast; in fact, local homeowners welcome that rain, as it can play an important role in helping to kick-start the growing season for their lawns and gardens after the long period of winter dormancy.

However, in the same way that overwatering potted plants can actually be detrimental to their root systems and overall health, too much rain can cause homeowners considerable consternation, not to mention extensive damage to their homes and/or properties; and it is relatively safe to say that a vast majority of local residents would agree that there has been far too much rainfall in the region throughout May and June of 2017.

Drains and sewer systems, building foundations, retaining walls, and even Lake Ontario itself have been hard-pressed to withstand the stresses imposed by the sheer volume of rain that has fallen in the Greater Toronto Area; some of the consequences of this deluge of water over the course of just a few short weeks include:

  • Sandbagging operations along the shores of Toronto and Ward’s Island
  • Dangerously high levels of bacteria (e.g.: E. coli) in the Toronto Harbour
  • A need to pump mixed sewage into the lake along with excess storm water
  • Preparing for the possible emergency evacuation of Toronto Island residents
  • Erosion of public and private properties situated on the Lake Ontario shoreline
  • Flooded roads and basements, caused by backed-up sewers/drainage systems
  • Installation of stone construction to prevent flooding of electrical infrastructure

Unfortunately, any destruction of property resulting from this heavy rainfall has not been limited to water damage; there have often been very high winds accompanying that rain as well. This one-two of combination wind and rain has subsequently led to many cases of structural damage to homes, businesses, and other buildings, e.g.:

  • Missing shingles
  • Flooded basements
  • Roof or chimney leaks
  • Loosened or displaced flashing
  • Dislodged eavestroughs/downspouts
  • Dented or torn-away aluminum/vinyl siding

Consequently, these situations have led to a significant number of roofing-related service calls for immediate repairs or full replacements by experienced and reliable contractors such as the team at Avenue Road Roofing.

These severe weather conditions have likely accelerated the possibility of leaks/damage to many other roofs, especially those nearing the end of their respective lifecycle; for this reason, Toronto homeowners would be well-advised to utilize the roof inspection services offered by Avenue Road Roofing in order to assess the current condition of their roof and address any needed repairs to ensure its optimal performance moving forward.

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Consider These Preventative Measures to Help Protect Your Home and Property

Damage Due to High Winds in TorontoWhile weather patterns can often be unpredictable in terms of their timing and severity, it is quite likely that Toronto has not seen the last of the rain and high wind for this year, or any future year for that matter. However, there are steps that area homeowners can take to help prevent water-related damage to their roofs and homes when the inevitable storms once again descend upon the region.

In addition to good general maintenance practices, property owners in Toronto may want to consider one or more of the following options to help them ‘weather the storm’, so to speak:

  • Regular roof/chimney inspections and attending to immediate repairs
  • Waterproofing the exterior masonry, chimney, and building foundation
  • Installing green roofing (on flat-roof structures) to help absorb rainwater
  • Retaining walls to prevent flooding of homes/properties in high-risk areas

All of the above measures and more can be implemented by the roofing and/or masonry divisions of Avenue Road Roofing, a leading contractor in Toronto and the neighbouring communities for more than 40 years. These teams will provide reliable and professional solutions based on homeowner needs and preferences to help them protect their homes and properties and avoid unnecessary damage and repair costs.

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