Financing Options and Section-by-Section Roof Repairs from Avenue Road Roofing

Financing Roof Repair Work May Be a Viable Option for Toronto Homeowners

Roof View with LadderFor a vast majority of residential property owners in Toronto, the need for roof repairs or a full roof replacement is likely inevitable; the point of time when these roofing services are required will be dependent on several factors, including:

  • Age of the roof
  • Duration of occupancy
  • Exposure to weather extremes
  • Type and quality of roofing material
  • Quality/workmanship of the installation

In many cases, roofing repair or a roof replacement is generally not a forecasted cost by these homeowners within their monthly maintenance budgets. Consequently, taking any actions to contact a Toronto roofing company may be delayed, perhaps only for a couple of months, until they can afford to have the work completed; unfortunately, during that time, the roof damage may become more extensive and ultimately lead to higher costs.

What may not be readily known to these property owners is the option of financing their roof repairs over a period of time in order to:

  • Get the repair process underway sooner
  • Address repair priorities section by section
  • Alleviate the possibility for greater damage
  • Potentially avoid the cost of a full replacement
  • Make the costs more controllable in their budget

Construction workerThis alternative of roof repair financing is available through Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in Toronto with the experience of more than 45,000 roof installations to their credit over the last 40 years. This option is provided in conjunction with Home Trust Retail Credit Services, a division of Home Trust that is fully dedicated to the home improvement market.

Capitalizing on this roof repair financing option through Avenue Road Roofing can be the best solution for homeowners to remedy their roof repair issues; the Home Trust team is recognized for its reliability with respect to:

  • Speed of approval – quick turnaround on credit decisions
  • Competitive financing – affordable lending rates and terms
  • Flexibility – relative to financing options and loan repayment
  • Support – up to $50,000 for a single home improvement need

Visit the Home Trust’s Retail Credit page for more information on this financing option for roof repair or replacement services offered by Avenue Road Roofing.

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