Factors That Affect the Cost of Installing a New Roof

The Cost of a Roof Replacement is Based on Several Different Factors

Roofing Contractors in TorontoWhen homeowners are in need of a roof replacement, they will often conduct their own informal research on the cost of such an investment before requesting any formal quotes from local roofing contractors.  To that end, if they are aware of any family members or neighbours who have recently had their roof replaced, they may be inclined to ask them for insight on: (a) who they hired to do the work and (b) how much they were charged.

So it may come as a surprise when these homeowners obtain a quote or quotes for their new roof installation and learn that their cost will be considerably different (especially if it is higher) than the amounts paid by their friends down the street and their in-laws just a few blocks away.  How can this be?  All of these houses are similar in structure/design so how can the cost of a roof replacement be that different?

There are in fact several valid reasons why this would be the case, all predicated on the fact that few new roof installations will ever be precisely the same.  From the big-picture standpoint, the ultimate cost of installing a new roof will be determined by the following:

  • Choice of roofing material
    • Asphalt shingles – most common and least expensive option
    • Wood, metal, tile, slate – are more labour-intensive to install
  • Quality of the roofing material
    • Lower grades may be less expensive but have shorter lifespans
    • Better quality – more costly up front; offer longer-term savings
  • Shape and structure of the roof
    • Square footage or roof area dictates quantity of roofing material
    • Number of peaks, height and pitch of roof will all affect install time
  • Overall complexity of the installation
    • Are there impediments that could restrict access to the roof?
    • Does the roofing sub-structure need any reinforcement or repair?
    • Do the gutters, downspouts, soffits, or fascia need to be replaced?
    • What are the encumbrances (chimneys, skylights, satellite dishes)?
    • Is there a need to improve overall ventilation or energy efficiency?
    • Access surrounding the building and protection of the property and neighbour’s property

Certainly, replacing the asphalt shingles on an uncomplicated roofing structure would be less expensive than installing any material on a roof that is more elaborate in design.  However, regardless of the chosen material, the shape and size of the roof, and the time required to complete the installation, specific written quotes should be obtained through on-site inspections by two or more certified roofing contractors.

Homeowners within Toronto and the surrounding area may wish to request an estimate from Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing companies in the GTA with more than 45,000 roof installations over the last 40+ years.

Costs of Commercial Roof Installations Have Their Own Unique Considerations

Commercial properties are not immune to the need for a roof replacement.  In many of these cases, this roofing is flat in nature and constructed from materials that are vastly different from those used in residential roofing.

Although the installation of commercial flat roofing may be completed more quickly than sloped or pitched residential roofs, there are distinctive elements of a flat roof that must be taken into consideration with respect to overall costs.  These can/will include:

  • Need to repair, or replace Vapour Retarders
  • Need to repair, replace, or install ice/water barriers
  • Amounts of Thermal Insulation used in the Installation
  • Working around skylights, solar panels, antennas/dishes
  • Connection and Craning of heating/cooling/ventilation units
  • Providing adequate access for maintenance/repair crews
  • Installation of green roof systems (voluntary or mandated)
  • Type of Substructure, such as concrete steel or wood deck
  • Type of Waterproofing membrane system, such as TPO, BUR, and Mod Bit

In addition to servicing the roofing needs of residential property owners in Toronto and the GTA, Avenue Road Roofing offers parallel expertise in the installation, replacement, and repair of commercial flat roofing and green roof initiatives.

Is your residential or commercial roof in need of replacement?  Now is the time to have this done before the winter weather returns and additional complications or issues arise.  Call Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 for a fair and comprehensive quote!