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Experienced Technicians Can Help Mitigate Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a source of great concern to most home and building owners.

Beyond the costs involved with repairing interior damage, which result from roof or building envelope leaks, comes the aggravation of trying to source the problem correctly and evaluating proposals from various contractors. Clients will often hope the suggested repairs will resolve the problem correctly and of course, dealing with how to pay for what can often be an un-timely, or unforeseen expense.

A proven solution is to contact one of the professional technicians at Avenue Road Roofing. With forty years of experience in the detection, and mitigation of roofing and building envelope related leaks.

Sometimes a leak is thought to originate from the roof, and frequently results from a related building component such as masonry or siding, as an example. ARR has multi-trade disciplines available under one roof, who can isolate the origin and methodically provide resolution to the problem.

Businesses and institutions such as hospitals, schools, the food industry, manufacturing companies, and the insurance industry cannot prolong attention to resolving leak issues. Experience matters when time is of the essence, to stop water ingress.

Don’t waste time and money. Contact Avenue Road Roofing for dependable service, sound advice, and comprehensive roof leak repairs and detection. ARR also provides attractive financing for residential clients who need service now, but need to spread costs out over time. We can help most any budgets.

Simply call (416) 785-5129 in the GTA or email us.

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