Enhance Curb Appeal with Copper Roofing and Custom Copper Work

Skilled Craftsmanship is Vital to Realizing the Many Benefits of Copper Roofing

Copper Work on You RoofsWhile once thought to be a given, asphalt shingles might no longer be the default option among materials used for installing new or replacement roofs.  Although asphalt shingles still remain a common and popular choice, often due to their relative ease of installation and a typically lower cost, metal roofing has been gaining in acceptance over the past decade or more.

And, within the different choices for metal roofs, none is likely more striking than copper.  This metal has a timeless quality, evident by the fact that it has been used as a roofing material in Europe for centuries, and it can add an aura of grace, warmth, and stunning appeal to all buildings from legacy properties to modern homes and venues, including:

Different Types of Custom Copper Work on your Roof

  • Commercial sites
  • Private residences
  • Industrial properties
  • Municipal complexes
  • Recreational facilities
  • Churches/places of worship
  • Heritage restoration projects

Despite a higher initial cost for the material itself and its professional installation, copper roofing can provide property owners with several distinct advantages over the traditional asphalt shingle roofs.  The pluses favouring copper roofs encompass the following:

  • Cost savings – less maintenance
  • Durability – lifespans of 40+ years
  • Structural – a lighter-weight material
  • Safety – better fire-resistant properties
  • Energy efficiency – heat-reflective qualities
  • Resilience – resistance to corrosion and blight
  • Resale value – enhanced/enriched curb appeal

Copper RoofingTo ensure that such benefits and appeal are achieved and appreciated, the installation of copper roofs requires expert craftsmanship.  As a result, these skills and expertise can be limited in the services provided by Toronto roofers, with the notable exception being Avenue Road Roofing, a leader among Toronto’s roofing contractors for over 40 years.  The Avenue Road Roofing copper smiths and mechanics are highly skilled in the design, manufacture, and installation of copper roofing, and particularly for structures that may require heritage restoration work and/or have specific intricacies or levels of complexity.

Custom Copper Work Can Redefine and Transform the Look of a Property

While the cost of copper roofing may be prohibitive for some large-scale roofing projects, custom copper work/adornments can truly enhance the curb appeal and potential resale value of a property.  As intimated above, custom copper work has played a significant role within architectural design for centuries, principally due to its:

  • Aesthetic qualities
  • Lightweight nature
  • Longevity/durability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Malleability or pliability
  • Colour and finish options
  • Aura/implication of prestige

However, working with copper requires specialized training and years of acquired skill in order to deliver the functionality and aesthetically-pleasing results that property owners expect.  The expert artisans/copper smiths and metal mechanics at Avenue Road Roofing possess the level of proficiency needed to ensure such workmanship throughout both the fabrication and installation processes.

A cross-section of the types of custom copper work available from Avenue Road Roofing would consist of:

  • Cupolas or domes
  • Soffits, fascia, and gutters
  • Parapet capping and cladding
  • Wall cladding (interior/exterior)
  • Flashing for chimneys, skylights
  • Roofing for bay and bow windows

If you are interested in enhancing the curb appeal of your property with custom copper work or a copper roof, call the installation professionals at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 for a no-obligation consultation on how we can help redefine and transform the overall look of your property or building.