Custom Copper Applications for Residential Roofs in the GTA

Copper Roofing Applications Can Add New Dimensions to the Exterior of a Home

Copper Roofing On Toronto HomeWhen homeowners are proactively considering ideas to enhance the curb appeal of their properties, their thoughts may turn to such initiatives as landscaping upgrades, installing a swimming pool, replacing the doors/windows, or changing the style of the garage door.  In addition to their visual impact, these types of modifications can also have a positive effect on property values, both immediately and in the future.

Yet there is another aspect of a home’s exterior that may not receive the same degree of consideration as the grounds or front façade but can, when modified/upgraded, similarly influence a property’s appeal and value – the roofing structure and its various features. And while homeowners are often more reactive in nature in relation to their roof, that is, taking actions in response to pressing issues (leaks, storm damage) or to concerns found during a professional roof inspection (loose shingles, defective caulking), they may find it beneficial to look at their roof in the same light as other home renovations or upgrades.

One particular consideration for enhancing the roofing structure would be custom copper work completed by the metal roof experts at Avenue Road Roofing, as these applications can truly an add entirely new dimension to the exterior of the home.

But first, why copper? There are many reasons supporting the use of this metal:

  • Timelessness – tried and tested for centuries
  • High durability – has a lifespan beyond 40 years
  • Cost-efficiency – it requires little to no maintenance
  • Provides better fire-resistance versus asphalt shingles
  • Resistance to corrosion or staining in virtually any climate
  • Better energy efficiency due to its heat-reflective properties
  • An environmentally-friendly material that is entirely recyclable

Examples of custom copper applications that can be designed and fitted/installed by the metal roof specialists at Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto include but are not limited to:

  • Dormers
  • Eavestroughs
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Parapet capping/cladding
  • Chimney and skylight flashing
  • Roofing for bay and bow windows
  • Finials (decorative caps, tops, or ends)
  • Chimney saddles (for rainwater diversion)
  • Rainwater collection boxes (or conductor boxes)

Visit our Enhance Your Curb Appeal With Custom Copper Roofing page to learn more about the custom copper roofing capabilities of the experienced in-house staff at Avenue Road Roofing.

Custom Copper Roof Work for Residential, Commercial, and Heritage Properties

Roofer Working With CopperAdding custom copper features to the roofing structure of residential properties can offer a unique combination of functionality, enhanced curb appeal, fire safety, and long-term cost savings.

However, working with copper requires special training and expertise to ensure that the finished product delivers the results that homeowners want and expect in return for their investment. The experienced coppersmiths and sheet metal mechanics at Avenue Road Roofing have the levels of skill necessary to provide optimal workmanship throughout all phases of the copper work process, including:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Field Installation

In addition to custom copper applications for residential properties, Avenue Road Roofing also offers specialized copper and metal roofing work for commercial and special-purpose properties as well as restorative work for heritage and legacy buildings.

For further information on the custom copper work and copper roofing services provided by Avenue Road Roofing, go to our Copper & Sheet Metal Services page.

If you are interested in enhancing the curb appeal of your property with a custom copper application, call the metal roofing experts from Avenue Road Roofing at 647-360-7743 today or Contact us to request additional information and a no-obligation quote on how our experienced coppersmiths can help transform the overall look of your home.