Cost Effective Solution With Our Urgent And Small Repair Services

This division within Avenue Road Roofing provides a popular service for our clients who require a small scope of work to be performed, or have periodic maintenance requirements.

Dedicated service technicians are centrally dispatched to attend the client’s property and either perform remedial work on the spot, or provide written recommendations. If a larger scope of work is required, such work is then forwarded to our installation division and scheduled for completion.

As a timely and cost effective approach to minor exterior building issues, our small service division can service the following items:

  • Repairs resulting from animal intrusion into attics, soffits, roof related damage
  • Metal flashing repairs such as chimneys, walls, skylights, valleys
  • Sealing pipe penetrations
  • Vent replacement/upgrades
  • Eavestrough cleaning/un-clogging down pipes.
  • Emergency shingle repairs
  • Caulking/re-sealing vulnerable areas
  • Leaf screen installation
  • Replace small gutters
  • Bathroom exhaust vent hook up
  • Investigation of major roof /attic concerns
  • Snow removal from roofs
  • Ice dam remediation
  • Emergency tarpaulins and battens
  • Leak mitigation

Emergency Insurance related repairs

Call toll free: 1-800- AVE-ROOF

All major credit cards accepted

Low interest financing available in jobs exceeding $500