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Installed Roofing Services Inc. (IRSI)

What We Do

Installed Roofing Services inc. provides a number of services for specific groups of home improvement professionals in the fields of:

Retailer- Home Improvement: IRSI has a proven record of program development and consulting for retailers who elect to offer roofing & related services to their customers. Contractor recruitment and qualification, operating manuals, due diligence, contractor sales training, related marketing consulting, and complete program management services, are among the specialties we provide.

Our history of 40 years, as a leading service provider in Canada; and our retailer experience, have allowed us the credibility within the industry; to attract and retain the best qualified contractor partners in each province.

Our experience extends to the development of programs, and training selected service providers on achieving superior sales results, and providing service levels to your clients; in keeping with standards required by major retailer brands.

Contact IRSI for a consultation, to review what we can do to drive increased revenue streams, and to leverage your customer base for added value and client retention.

Are You A Retailer Currently Involved In Home Improvement Services?

Perhaps you are interested in taking your existing program to a higher level.

IRSI has the experience to provide solutions which result in increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction , procuring and retaining the right service providers.

Why our models work:

  • Because our roots are in the home improvement industry; we know how to create the “win-win” for the retailer and the service provider. We are successful in the home improvement industry.
  • You retain the lion share of the royalty fee. IRSI charges on a fee for service basis; and or, blocks of time necessary to accomplish specific objectives.
  • Our experience short cuts the process. We help you to avoid pitfalls, and customer service problems.
  • IRSI can supply a turn-key solution; including industry management software, and bi-lingual national call centre capability; to help manage statistics, and client satisfaction; through our associated partners.
  • IRSI has the right industry contacts.
  • IRSI understands what the objectives of the retailer are; and we listen to understand the unique requirements of each individual customer.
  • We hold the programs and plans of our clients and service provider associates as strictly confidential. No conflicts of interest; ethical , and honest dealings always, and above all.

Home Improvement Product Manufacturers

IRSI can assist with creating and executing Contractor Development Programs to increase your brand loyalty, and product promotion. Added value programs provided by manufacturers, for leading industry contractors; provide increased value to them, as your largest product consumers. Added value that is provided, comes from offering support on the subjects of selling at the correct price, how to increase margins, how to distinguish one’s company from low priced competition, and by providing the value of belonging to a larger group within the industry.

Increase sales by expanding your brand into new markets, and by reaching the correct service providers. IRSI provides added value on your behalf. Developing certified installers for your product brand which increases sales.

Insurance Industry Professionals

IRSI has developed relationships with leading roofing, siding and aluminum service contractors, from coast to coast in Canada. These contractors are able to mobilize, and provide CAT event services for insurers requiring capacity, and reliability. These credentialed, quality driven, service providers; many of whom are preferred contractors for various insurers and insurance generals; provide single source responsibility and reporting through IRSI.

IRSI performs insurance re-inspections, reports, and roofing & siding related claims investigation; as well as quality inspections on behalf of insurers. These are completed through in-house roofing professionals having in excess of 25 years of experience in their fields of expertise.

All service providers are pre-qualified, carry a minimum of 2 million dollars in liability insurance, maintain the highest safety standards, are manufacturer certified; and represent values of ethics and; integrity. 

Insurers require customer claims to be expedited quickly, and the ability to present professional representation for the confidence of their clients.

Tired of being gouged? Contact IRSI for superior quality and fair pricing.

Contractor Opportunities & Support Services

As a result of 40 years and counting, in the roofing, and home improvement business in Canada; our experience through our sister company, Avenue Road Roofing; has taught us what is necessary to operate a profitable, and sustainable contracting business.

An important part of that experience , has been the privilege of meeting, and sharing with numerous successful contractors, engaged in similar business throughout Canada. We have learned from everyone. We continue to learn through each other. Our current association of contractors numbers sixty-five; throughout Canada.

There are no fees or dues necessary to link with IRSI and their associates.

Our associations with one another, have lead to the development of many opportunities involving insurers, retailers, and private sector projects.

Our objective at IRSI; is to continue to strengthen our valued relationships, by bringing forth opportunities to those contractors who find value in networking and sharing resources.

The benefits of these associations has included; insurance CAT event work, major retailer programs with financing, commercial roofing projects supplied by Avenue Road Roofing, tradesmen and sub-crew recruiting,etc.

IRSI welcomes the inclusion of new companies who are quality driven, and have credentials, and experience in residential, commercial, and insurance related work.

We actively seek to broker relationships between service providers and retailers, and insurance companies. Those specific projects are arranged between parties either directly as business to business or through IRSI acting as the management company assuming responsibility to the client; and working on a project basis with individual associated contractor groups.

To become involved with current vendor opportunities; click here to complete a service provider profile for review. You may also contact us toll free at: 1-855-656-6411. We are pleased to discuss more about the opportunities available to your company and the value of association through IRSI.

If you are a roofing contractor/home improvement contractor, and have interest in receiving help to conquer specific challenges within your business; or seek to have a support arm to aid your business with certain objectives; IRSI offers the following services:

  • Sales training for the roofing /home improvement retailer (overcoming price objection, presentation skills, distinguishing from the competitor etc.)
  • Development and implementation of programs within your organization
  • Management by Statistic
  • Management training
  • Health & Safety training & certification
  • Management Software
  • How to Generate Qualified Leads
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Tune Up Your business
  • Work force procurement
  • Procedure Manual Writing

How We Will Help

  • IRSI will meet with the business owner(s) and or key managers to discuss what the objectives are, or what concerns exist in your business. We listen, and ask relevant questions; to determine what exactly is  the existing scene. All discussions and sharing of proprietary information is strictly confidential. We will provide a confidentiality agreement for your protection.
  • Once the existing scene has been established; we will work with your company management to develop the ideal scene; based on establishing realistic goals and benchmarks for implementation.
  • A written strategy is provided detailing what elements are to be addressed; and in sequence of operation. (The business owner may elect to implement the strategy utilizing their own resources and staff at this juncture) or may continue to retain IRSI to actively work to implement remedial strategies within your business.
  • Dependent on the scope of the work involved; interval progress reviews will be conducted with the owner to demonstrate results throughout the activity.
  • Our focus will be to identify financial and operational waste, increase profitability through a number of measures involving correction of sales gaps, charging the right price for services, proper lead utilization, increasing customer service, and documenting results to guide the process.
  • Further involvement can include field sales training, brand image improvement strategies, lead generation, governmental and safety compliance assistance,etc.

Helping you to make money, and achieve tangible results; is the valuable final product of IRSI.

Training activities may be conducted either at our facilities, or at the client’s facility. Costs associated with inter-provincial travel are billed separately; from fees associated with performance of service.

Contact IRSI at 1-855-656-6411; to discuss without obligation , how we may help you.

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