Roofing Professionals Offering Expert Consultations And Inspections

With over forty years in business and hundreds of years of combined experience, among our trained and qualified staff members, the best roofing company in Toronto, Avenue Road Roofing is positioned to share their knowledge and experience with industry professionals, and home/building owners alike.

Are You A Consulting Engineer? – Do you require destructive testing, or forensic roof examination to determine specifications, or conduct project investigation? ARR can provide qualified team members to work with you and safely determine your requirements. Hourly billing options are available.

Are You An Insurance Professional? Our CAT event experience can serve you anywhere in Canada.

Insurers that require re-inspections, in depth claims investigation, or require reliable national delivery service for roofing, siding or guttering can be provided with our association of top roofing companies from coast to coast. Contact our Management Consulting Division.

Are You A Property Manager, Property Management Company, Cooperative Housing Professional or Multi Facility Owner?

Avenue Road Roofing has completed hundreds of such projects throughout its forty year history.

Obtain budget reports, facility evaluation, strategic planning, roof analytics, and maintenance requirements. We can provide project or hourly billing.

Are You A Big Box Retailer? Out to crush your competitor, and take over the home improvement business in Canada? Retain IRSI to provide recruitment of qualified installation contractors, develop national program strategies, operations manuals, due diligence inspections, industry related marketing expertise, management software. No one has the experience IRSI has to get you started in Canada.

Are You Purchasing A Home Or Building Or A Real Estate Professional? – Get your clients the honest information they deserve to make an informed purchase decision. Many home inspectors do not have the ability to safely access certain roof configurations, or possess general knowledge on the science of roofing. Obtain comprehensive inspection information including photos, diagrams, measurements and proper field inspection. Give your clients added value by retaining our services for pre-sale inspections. Hourly rates and fixed rate reports are available.

Are You A Homeowner? Who feels mistreated by a roofing contractor, or are you a victim of poor workmanship. Let ARR conduct an inspection and provide a follow up report to support your litigious nature. Hourly and fixed rates available.