Important Cost Considerations When Installing New Commercial Flat Roofing

Budgets for New Commercial Roofing Can Include More than Materials, Labour

Commercial Flat Roofing in TorontoOwners and property managers of commercial buildings are unquestionably very familiar with the concepts of budget management and fiscal responsibility.  Whether the business is generating revenue for themselves or for those who pay their salaries, managing costs and maximizing profitability is likely a fundamental aspect of their job descriptions.

And like most consumers, these building owners/managers are always on the lookout for ways to lower costs or to get the most out of the investments they make in the property.  After all, the budget items for operating/maintaining commercial buildings in the Greater Toronto Area are often large in scope – including the cost of a roof replacement.

When faced with a need to have new commercial or industrial roofing installed, Toronto building owners/managers will want to optimize their investment; that is, obtain the best possible return over the longest possible period of time.  This usually means applying the combination of a long-term thought process and the willingness to spend a little more in the short-term (the installation stage) in order to achieve that goal.

The experts at Avenue Road Roofing, a leading Toronto roofing company for 40+ years, have gained extensive knowledge and skill with commercial and industrial flat roof repair and installation.  Based on their overall level of experience with flat roofs, the team from Avenue Road Roofing provides the following perspective on important cost considerations for owners/property managers in the Toronto area who need a new flat roofing system.

  • Initial Installation
    • Focus on long-term return rather than trying to save on upfront costs
    • Invest in proper roof design, quality materials, and quality workmanship
    • Spend time on choosing an experienced roofing company, not the cheapest
    • Cutting installation costs can mean higher maintenance costs, shorter roof life
  • Contingency Funding
    • Keep in mind the prime reason why flat roofs need replacing – leaks
    • This means that there may likely be some water damage to the building
    • Extra funds may be needed for structural repairs before the roof replacement
  • Improving Energy Efficiency
    • The insulation component can be a sizeable portion of the overall roof cost
    • But it can also generate significant long-term savings in annual energy costs
    • It can also extend the lifespan of the HVAC equipment (i.e. less wear-and-tear)
    • Ask a professional roofing contractor about minimum and recommended R-values
  • Possible Equipment Upgrades
    • Removing the existing roof offers an opportunity for other building upgrades
    • Consider the age/condition of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment
    • Replacing such machinery would be easier to do before the new roof is installed
  • Warranties versus Overall Value
    • Place more emphasis on quality of the materials and choice of roofing company
    • Warranties are important, but should not be an overriding factor in any decision
    • Learn the warranties (manufacturer/contractor) – coverage, length, exceptions?

Clearly, the cost of installing new industrial or commercial flat roofing can extend beyond just materials and labour; however, taking the above factors into consideration, it might be prudent for building owners/managers in Toronto to spend a bit more upfront in order to realize a far greater return on their investment over the long run.

Hire a Toronto Roofing Company with Expertise in Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Commercial Flat Roofing MaterialsIn many instances, issues with commercial and industrial flat roofing in Toronto and area could be resolved through repair services rather than a full roof replacement.  And while the cost of the former will likely be much less than the latter, the same mindset of long-term investment applies to both scenarios; hiring an experienced and knowledgeable flat roof repair provider, such as Avenue Road Roofing, will ensure that the work is done in a fashion that remedies the immediate problem and helps extend the lifecycle of the roof.

Supported by well-established experience and expertise with commercial flat roofing, the specialists at Avenue Road Roofing can provide comprehensive repair services consisting of the following:

      • Detecting the root causes of existing leaks
      • Identifying possible sources for eventual leaks
      • Recommending the best actions to rectify these issues
      • Completing the appropriate and agreed-upon roof repairs
      • Delivering quality workmanship – using high-quality materials
      • Providing ongoing inspections and maintenance if/as requested

For further information on the flat roof repair services provided by Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto, go to our Flat Roofing Repairs page.

If the flat roof of your commercial or industrial property requires replacement or repair, look for a Toronto roofing company with the knowledge and skills to deliver immediate results and long-term return on your investment.  Call the flat roof specialists at Avenue Road Roofing, a leading roofing contractor in the Greater Toronto Area for over 40 years, at 416-785-5129 or Contact us to request a no-obligation quote today.