Concrete Spalling is a Sign that the Building Needs Repair

Best to Engage Professional Concrete Repair Services When Spalling is Present

Spalling Concrete and ReinforcementWhen a concrete building is first constructed, it can present an image of invincibility, in a manner of speaking.  The pristine nature of its appearance, including its smooth exterior and clean lines, reflects a structure that is strong, enduring, and impenetrable, much like the wall that surrounded the legendary city of Troy in ancient Greek literature.

Unfortunately, like many types of masonry building materials exposed to the elements in Toronto and the GTA, the appearance of concrete walls does not remain unspoiled.  One obvious sign that concrete repair services will be needed is the presence of spalling; this is a breakdown of the concrete surface that can be manifested in such ways as:

  • Stains or discolouration
  • Striated or patterned lines
  • Pitted or eroded appearance
  • Rough/rutted texture to the touch

Concrete spalling can occur or result from a number of sources, including:

  • Repeated exposure to freeze-and-thaw cycles
  • Corrosion of steel reinforcement bars in the wall
  • Water penetration – leaks; wicking up from wet soil
  • Sandblasting, pressure washing, or chemical cleaning
  • Poor installation of the wall or its protective coat/sealer
  • Water spilling on/running down walls due to blocked gutters

In addition to an unsightly appearance, spalled concrete left untreated could result in:

  • Deterioration of structural integrity
  • Extensive water penetration and damage
  • Possible health concerns (mold and mildew)
  • Risk of injury for occupants, staff, patrons, etc.

Depending on the extent of the spalling, the course of action to remedy the situation can be limited to localized concrete repairs; in many cases, however, spalling is just a sign or symptom of the root cause that may be hidden inside the wall itself and therefore may necessitate the complete replacement/rebuilding of that concrete wall or foundation.

Consequently, and regardless of any outward appearances or impressions, when spalling is present it would be advisable to call upon the concrete repair services of experienced professionals such as the masonry division of Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.

A Division Dedicated to Residential and Commercial Masonry Work and Repairs

Close-Up of Cracked Concrete WallAs intimated above, whether there is a need for concrete repair services or some other type of masonry repair work, surface-level refinishing may be insufficient or inadequate.  Any type of masonry-related work requires special training and skills to ensure that the:

  • Repair or reconstruction fully addresses the exterior damage, and
  • Reliability/structural integrity of the wall/foundation is fully restored

In addition to their expert concrete repair services, the masonry division of Avenue Road Roofing offers a comprehensive range of masonry work and repairs for residential and commercial properties within Toronto and the surrounding area.  These masonry services include the repair, rebuilding, restoration, or replacement of such features as:

  • Chimneys
  • Fireplaces
  • Brick Walls
  • Foundations
  • Parapet Walls
  • Support Columns
  • Formed Concrete
  • Commercial Cladding
  • Window Sills (brick or stone)

In some instances, issues relating to masonry damage may be directly related to water penetration from a leak in the roof of the building.  Therefore, by maintaining/operating its masonry division, Avenue Road Roofing offers property owners the convenience of a centralized provider and access to multiple skilled tradespeople if/when their particular services may be required; in essence, Avenue Road Roofing gives property owners the option of contacting one contractor for all needs vis-à-vis the entire building envelope.

See our Building Restoration page for further information on the concrete and masonry work and repair services offered by Avenue Road Roofing.

If your concrete walls show signs of spalling or if other masonry work is in need of repair or restoration, you can rely on the masonry division of Avenue Road Roofing for quality workmanship and long-lasting results.  For all your building masonry needs, call Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto today at 416-785-5129.