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Comprehensive Snow And Ice Removal To Prevent Unnecessary Roof Damage

The winter typically have temperature extremes which can result in the formation of ice dams on both commercial and residential roofs.

To safely remove excess snow and ice from roofs and eavestroughs, professionals should be used who have the expertise, necessary insurance, and equipment, necessary to complete the activity.

Inexperienced people engaged in the activity can result in injury, liability for the building owner, and unnecessary roof damage, which can be a common result.

Avenue Road Roofing is the proven supplier to provide comprehensive snow and ice removal for shopping complexes, institutional buildings, condominiums, and other commercial enterprises, who need to mitigate liability for pedestrian traffic, building occupants, and functional damage.

Most insurers require that excess snow accumulation be removed on flat roofed structures when exceeding the live load capabilities of the roof deck. Steel decked commercial buildings are most vulnerable. When snow and underlying slush layers freeze into ice, the weight on a building’s structure can increase dramatically. Roof collapse has been reported in the media frequently in recent years.

A solution is to have Avenue Road Roofing engaged to respond in advance of harsh winter conditions. Our experienced staff have the tech to get the job done efficiently, and most important of all, safely.

Reserve your contract now, to take advantage of pre-season rates.

Emergency service rates during the winter season are based on availability. ARR maintains several crews of experienced personnel for emergency service requirements.

Residential clients can benefit from similar snow and ice removal services. ARR accepts interac and credit card payment for residential roof snow removal assignments.

For courteous, competent, and safe removal of snow or ice perils, contact Avenue Road Roofing at: (416) 785-5129 or email us

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