Comprehensive Residential And Commercial Roof Repairs In Toronto

It is often possible to extend the lifecycle of a roof system by completing strategic repairs to areas where a known leak exists.

Common roof repair services can involve replacing key flashing components such as plumbers vents, damper vents, chimney flashings, skylight flashings, and replacing missing, or severely degraded shingles on sloped roof assemblies.

Typical maintenance repairs include items such as re-caulking and re-securing metal flashing details, vents, cleaning and re-sealing gutter systems, and rejuvenating degraded closed style valleys or rolled roofing valleys.

On flat roofs, typical repairs involve drain areas, roof appurtenances, perimeter walls, or exterior edge areas. Leaks which result from the field of the roof, require the wet, affected areas to be removed. Insulation levels and underlying vapour retarders must be restored prior to the application of the water-proofing membrane, to the repair area.

Avenue Road Roofing can also efficiently repair damage to siding, soffits, fascias, eavestroughs, and damage caused by animal intrusion, as well as insurance related perils, such as wind and hail.

Emergency and temporary repair services are provided by the Small Repair division of Avenue Road Roofing. Larger scope repairs are completed by the production division at ARR.

If you observe shaled or spalled bricks in your chimney, around exterior walls, or have water ingress to basement areas, the masonry division will provide service to repair such areas. Common masonry repairs involve tuck-pointing brick related areas, replacing pre-cast and poured cement chimney caps, and waterproofing of foundation walls or repairing corroded weeper systems below grade.

Investing in comprehensive repairs can be prudent if addressed in a timely manner. This can further serve to avoid larger replacement expenditures, by detecting and resolving the problem early.

ARR provides repair services to residential, commercial, and institutional clients year round.

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