Common Signs Indicating You May Need A New Roof Due To Old Roof Leaks

While new roofs can make serious dents in the bank accounts of Toronto homeowners, there are a number of valid reasons for a new roof installation:

  • Safety and security of the family
  • Prevention of additional and significant damage/expense
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Positive impact on resale value
  • Lower house insurance rates

When a roof begins to leak, it is a sure sign that trouble is afoot, and unless the roof leaks can be easily found and repaired, a roof installation may be the best and only option.

However, evidence of roof leaks is not the only reason that roofs will be required for many homes in Toronto. Through regular roof inspections, at least once and preferably twice per year, homeowners can identify several other issues that will suggest the need for a roof installation long before any leaks actually appear.

These roof inspections can be performed by homeowners themselves or, if a professional opinion is preferred, a leading Toronto roofing company such as Avenue Road Roofing can be contracted to assess current roof conditions.

Many Different Factors Can Indicate That New Roof Installations Are Necessary

Indeed, obvious signs of leaks or water seepage would suggest to homeowners that roof installation is imminent. These homeowners can almost certainly conclude that water has been trickling through one or more places in the roof for some time and, since water has a tendency to travel (in a manner of speaking), there is no telling how much damage has already occurred before any signs actually appeared.

As mentioned above, regular roof inspections can identify many different factors that will result in the need to have a roof installed. Some of these factors will be more overt or obvious while others can be more subtle in nature, but they will all lead to the same endpoint.

In addition to tangible or visible leaks, here are nine other common signs that new roof installations may be needed for your home:

  • Age – Especially if a roof is approaching or exceeding 20 years since its installation
  • Shingle Damage – Curled, buckled, cracked, or missing shingles are all indications that they have become dry and have outlived their usefulness
  • Multiple Layers Of Shingles – A second (or even third) layer may just be masking underlying damage and adding undue weight and stress to the roofing sub-structure
  • Granule Accumulation In Gutters – Another indicator that the condition of asphalt shingles has deteriorated and that roof trouble is brewing
  • Moisture In Attic Or Insulation – There is likely an undetected leak or an issue with ventilation (the latter may cause shingles to bubble or buckle and water to seep in)
  • Loose Flashing, Vents, Or Boots – Water has undoubtedly been finding its way in before these issues were identified
  • Dark Stains Or Moss Growth – Shingles will be lifted if moss is allowed to penetrate beneath their surface
  • Interior Water Damage Or Staining – May be more cost-effective to proceed with a roof installation than to try and locate/repair the source of the roof leak
  • Noticeable Roofing Activity In The Neighbourhood – Another factor relating to the age of the roof (original/long-time owners are telling secondary or recent buyers how long it may have been since their current roof was installed)

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