Common Mistakes with Do-It-Yourself Caulking Projects

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Worker Applying Weather Seal Caulk to Window FrameWhen it comes to the various aspects of maintaining their home, it would be safe to say that most people will likely have limited/no experience in applying a sealant, or caulking.  Whether around a window frame or where the shower tiles meet the bathtub, caulking is often one of those givens; it is assumed to be in place and assumed to working properly without much if any thought on the part of the homeowner.

That is until it is no longer working effectively and the homeowner is left wondering why there is a large wet area on the floor/carpeting or a cold draft coming in from the kitchen window.  These types of scenarios, and the potentially extensive damage/costs that may result, can be avoided by paying a little more attention to the existing caulking in/around the home.

Caulking is a relatively inexpensive material but, due to its protective properties against penetration of water and air, it should possibly be considered as pliable/malleable gold.  Like most other home maintenance products however, caulking can lose its effectiveness over time; therefore, homeowners are highly encouraged to invest the time in inspecting their caulking, and replacing it, should its condition be deemed or confirmed as suspect.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of any new/replacement caulking, homeowners may want to avoid these commonly-made mistakes with do-it-yourself caulking projects:

  • Purchasing the wrong type of caulking for the job
  • Neglecting to remove the existing caulking material
  • Neglecting to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface
  • Using a cheap caulking gun/applicator (or no gun at all)
  • Applying too much material for the size of the gap/space
  • Cutting the wrong size opening for the line or bead needed
  • Applying the caulking during inappropriate weather conditions
  • Forgetting to smooth or tool the caulking soon after it is applied

With a heightened awareness of the above fully in mind, do-it-yourself homeowners may also find benefit from these caulking application tips, particularly those individuals who might be attempting such a task for the very first time:

  • Use a proper scraper/putty knife to remove existing caulking
  • Thoroughly clean, dry, and vacuum the area being re-caulked
  • Cut the tube nozzle to the right width and at a 45-degree angle
  • Puncture inner seal of the nozzle before placing tube in the gun
  • Practice trigger pressure by running a bead on some cardboard
  • Caulk slowly, 2-3 feet at a time; apply even pressure on trigger
  • Smooth caulking with a moist finger/spoon; apply light pressure
  • Clean/wipe away any excess caulking carefully and immediately

Although caulking can be a somewhat tedious job, if it is done well, it can avert serious water and structural damage and aid in energy efficiency, too.  Homeowners who prefer to have a professional handle their exterior caulking needs may get the best results from the services of Avenue Road Roofing, a leading roofing company in Toronto and the GTA.

Toronto Roofers Recognize the Importance of Effective Caulking Techniques

Caulking Exterior Window Of A HomeCaulking, when it is applied correctly and under appropriate weather conditions, plays an important role in protecting residential homes and commercial properties from water penetration/damage and expensive repair or replacement costs.  Expert Toronto roofers such as Avenue Road Roofing will ensure that the proper type of caulking is chosen and applied based on the specific need and area of the home or structure; uses may include the sealing of:

  • Gaps/cracks between window frames and siding
  • Joints/corners of eavestroughing or gutter systems
  • Flashing around chimneys, skylights, roof vents, etc.
  • Expansion joints/control joints in a building’s exterior walls
  • Structures that may have interfaces between metal and glass

The technicians from Avenue Road Roofing fully recognize the importance of effective caulking materials and techniques to ensure optimal results with respect to:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Prevention of water penetration
  • Energy efficiency and conservation

For more information on the professional caulking services available from Avenue Road Roofing, see our Caulking Services page.

If you need/want to caulk or re-caulk any aspects of the exterior envelope of your home or business and would prefer to have the job done by one of the best roofing companies in Toronto, call the specialists from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to request a no-obligation estimate from one of our trained consultants.