Common Masonry Problems For Toronto Homeowners

Similar to the roof of a home, the exterior masonry is also subject to deterioration and weakening over time. The unpredictable weather in Toronto, particularly over this past winter, can also be damaging to exterior masonry, perhaps leading to the need for brick replacement, tuck-pointing, and/or repairs to poured concrete (steps, porches, walls).

It is a misconception that masonry problems in Toronto are primarily caused by roof leaks. In many instances, masonry issues can be linked back to the age of the home, the type/quality of materials used, and/or shoddy installation/workmanship.

Specifically, masonry-related problems encountered by homeowners include:

  • Brick in need of replacement due to general deterioration over time
  • Damage from exposure to changing weather conditions (freezing, thawing)
  • Moisture damage from condensation around windows or from leaks in the roof
  • Displacement cracks from shifting or settlement of the foundation
  • Staining (efflorescence) from salts left behind as water/moisture evaporates
  • Rust stains washing along the masonry surface as metal protrusions/nails corrode
  • Mold formation, often as a result of a leak or leaks in the gutters

It is important to regularly inspect the exterior of your home for signs that your masonry is damaged or in disrepair, and to address any brick replacement or other masonry-related issues with a degree of urgency to prevent more extensive damage/repair costs.

Common Masonry Services For Homeowners

Although it would undoubtedly be a more economical approach, do-it-yourself masonry work may not be the best option for a homeowner in Toronto. Brick replacement and other masonry-related services require specialized skills, not only to repair or refurbish any visible damage but to also ensure that the stability and reliability of the particular structure (i.e.: the wall or the chimney etc.) is not compromised.

Masonry professionals have the experience and skills necessary to provide quality workmanship and reliability with the following types of repair services:

  • Brick Replacement/Restoration – Attending to broken, chipped, or flaked bricks (including matching the colour and style of the damaged bricks)
  • Chimney Repair or Rebuild – Either a complete rebuild or the restoration of bricks, mortar, and flue tiles
  • Fireplace Refurbish or Rebuild – Either restoration or complete replacement
  • Tuck-pointing – The replacement of chipped, cracked, or missing mortar in brick walls, support columns, and chimneys
  • Window Sill/Ledge Replacement – If constructed of brick or stone
  • Formed Concrete Repairs – Cracks or shifting in poured stairs, sidewalks, porches, and retaining walls
  • Waterproofing – Properly sealing the foundation to prevent water damage or cracks

In addition to roofing repair and/or replacement, Avenue Road Roofing offers skilled masonry repairs for Toronto homeowners. This specialized division of the company gives homeowners the distinct advantage of calling upon a single contractor for all needs pertaining to the exterior of their home.

From roofing repairs to brick replacement to rebuilding your chimney, you can rely on Avenue Road Roofing for top quality workmanship and lasting results. For any roofing and masonry needs in Toronto, call Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129!