Flat Roof Repair

Roof repairs are the first line of defense to prolong the requirement and expense of a full roof replacement. The key is being proactive, as for many building owners and property managers the roof is out of sight and out of mind until a problem is discovered or reported.

The key to successful roof repairs involves two key elements. The first of which is the correct identification of the problem area(s), and secondarily; the competent execution of the remedial work strategy.

ARR has specialist technicians that are experienced in various commercial and industrial roofing assemblies, who can diagnose the source of leaks and provide solutions that provide a satisfactory result.

If your roof is a poor candidate for repair due to being long past its lifecycle, we will tell you the truth.

Don’t waste valuable time and money and or risk interior damages to invest in a substandard result. Call the commercial and industrial professionals at ARR that are proven for over four decades.

Strategic and temporary repair services are often the first approach in a crisis situation. Such options are designed to mitigate large losses until the weather can permit a more permanent fix. ARR has supplied such services to major property management firms and building owners for a variety of industries for nearly fifty years. Prompt, proven, and professional.

With over thirty vehicles on the road serving our clients daily, throughout the GTA; ARR® has the capability and experience to take care of repair projects both large and small on everything from flat roofs to steep slope situations.

Contact ARR® to learn more about our various commercial, industrial, and institutional flat roof and steep slope repair options.

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