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Roof assets, similar to other structural elements of commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings require periodic servicing to extend the overall lifecycle of their waterproofing and water-shedding systems.

A regimen of roof maintenance serves to extend the requirement for large capital expenditure of roofing replacement. By being proactive as opposed to reactive, one can lower repair costs over time.

A simple annual or bi-annual inspection of roofing assets can be arranged for a reasonable cost.

Routine maintenance actions typically include the following items:

  • Internal and external roof drains& guttering (cleaned out/checked for blockage)
  • Inspection of the waterproofing membrane (check for splits in seams, blisters, alligatoring, wind scour, control joints, and de-bonding)
  • Metal flashings (missing pieces, loose fasteners, de-graded/dried out caulking, poorly done joints)
  • Skylights (membrane flashing failure, metal to glass seal failure, poor metal flashing detail, leaks, condensation, split frames, old/warn)
  • Pipes, penetrations, and appliances (common failure points that result from building movement, poor flashing detail, dried-out pitch pockets and cones)
  • Foot fall traffic (service repairs to HVAC, tenant use, stored items, refuse such as broken bottles)
  • External ducting (often the source of “roof” leaks where joints are damaged or ill-fitting and lack of proper waterproofing)
  • Masonry walls/chimneys, etc. (associated with roofs such as parapets, can create the illusion of roof leaks resulting from shaled bricks or deficient mortar joints, lack of proper sheet metal capping)
  • Sloped roofs (missing shingles, poor/missing flashings, etc.)
  • Animal damage (raccoons, squirrels, and birds- creating holes, nests, and resulting damage)
  • Substandard design elements/poor workmanship (did you receive substandard results due to cheap or wrong solutions?) Identify what needs to be corrected.
  • Weather damage (storms, high winds, hail, freeze/thaw cycling)
  • condensation/wood rot/ mould
  • Snow & ice removal (winter hazards that can result in a roof collapse, dangerous icicles, avalanche hazard/pedestrian injury)

Identifying any of the above requirements during routine maintenance inspections puts the building owner/manager in control by receiving timely estimates for remedial work and budgeting consideration for the completion of necessary work or phased rehabilitation.

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