Roof Inspection

The first step required to intelligently manage one’s roofing assets involves the process of inspection.

For multi-roof asset owners, annual inspections should be arranged to insure that potential hazards on the roof are mitigated before they become costly fixes. Documenting the conditions of the roof will help property managers and building owners to clearly see any work which may be required for planning and budgeting purposes.

As an example, damage caused by vermin, clogged roof drains on flat roofs and external guttering, damage from footfall traffic, and appliances located on the roof are all common failures and maintenance points.

Contact the commercial division of ARR® to arrange for annual inspections and or maintenance programs. We service all types of commercial and industrial roofing assemblies.

Building Acquisition Studies are another type of roofing inspection service offered by the ARR Commercial Roofing Division. Before making that investment, it is wise to have the roofing system and building envelope reviewed to provide potential solutions and budget costs for remedial work which may be required to either extend the usable lifespan of the waterproofing assembly or to prepare for phased or complete roof replacement.

Such reports provide a detailed schematic of the roof, photo documentation, non-destructive testing such as thermal imaging, and destructive testing such as core sampling and immediate repair, to identify the number of layers on a flat roof, the type of insulation present in the assembly, and to clearly identify leak areas for strategic repair or replacement. Reports are supplied in writing and include a consultation with one of our experienced and credentialed inspectors.

Such valuable information puts the asset holder in control of the situation, resulting in clear decision paths with solutions, options, and costs clearly defined. Costs for such inspections are determined by the size and detail of the complex(s), the time required to perform the inspection, and the time required to cull the information for the end users.

Call for an estimate to provide a comprehensive report for your company, complex or industrial building.

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