Sheet Metal

ARR® has the capability to custom fabricate various profiles of sheet metal, copper, leaded copper, pre-painted steel, and aluminum, fully stocked, and in-house sheet metal shop.

Our sheet metal mechanics and copper smiths create items such as standing seams metal roofs, barrel roofs, dormer eyebrows, custom flashings, and specialty guttering. They also fabricate standard metal flashing profiles which we stock in our warehouse facility for use in various roofing applications completed by our roofing teams.

There can be considerable artistry involved to fabricate various metal profiles and many items requires soldering such as custom drain boxes, finials, and conductor boxes used in association with original era details and custom copper guttering as examples.

On commercial/industrial roofing projects; our sheet metal mechanics field measures the perimeter wall and coping details, inner walls, curbs, etc.; then fabricates custom flashings by shearing and bending the metal profiles to exacting standards. Once metal work has been made, these mechanics field install the metal to insure a proper fit that will remain secure, using slip-locked joints with lock and or standing seams.

When quality matters, choose AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® for professional copper and sheet metal work that provides attractive protection for critical roof details, and that can last for decades.

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