Choosing the Right Flashing for Commercial Building Restorations

Important Considerations When Choosing Flashing for Commercial Buildings

Metal Flashing ServicesFor a majority of commercial property and/or business owners, the exterior appearance of their buildings receives regular attention, since curb appeal can significantly influence client perceptions of what they can expect in terms of product quality and service levels.  This same attitude/approach is often applied to how owners maintain the interior of their buildings or businesses as they can ill-afford the consequences of unfavourable customer feedback or opinions.

While all of this attention to appearances is certainly warranted and worthwhile, business owners may be inadvertently neglecting another critical aspect of building maintenance; that is, having a sound roof, especially as it relates to preventing any water penetration.

A leaking roof can create considerable worry for business owners or commercial property managers; such matters could include:

  • Customer/tenant safety issues
  • Health concerns (mold/mildew)
  • Structural/merchandise damage
  • Bearing on maintenance budgets
  • Harm to the company’s reputation
  • Effects on productivity and staffing
  • Impact on insurance premiums/claims

One of the frequent culprits, so to speak, of water penetration/leaks in a commercial roof is its flashing; this is the construction material that is used to seal joint areas around any objects that pass through/protrude from a roof, such as: chimneys, skylights, pipes, and vents.  Further to its sealing function/protection against water damage, flashing material must also allow some expansion and contraction in response to any seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

All of the above reinforces the significance of inspecting commercial roofing on a regular basis; this is further compounded by the fact that a majority of commercial roofing is flat which can increase the chance of water accumulating and finding its way into a building through flashing failures.  Should such an inspection isolate any flashing issues, it will be important to choose the right flashing material for the restoration or repair process; the factors that will require a suitable amount of deliberation consist of the following:

  • Cost considerations (in balance with quality)
  • Durability in relation to local weather conditions
  • Appropriate fit with the building’s construction and history
  • Chemical compatibility with other building materials/masonry

When commercial property owners or managers are faced with the prospect of flashing replacement or repairs, and hence the need to select the appropriate type of material for the job, the may wish to consult with the knowledgeable professionals from Avenue Road Roofing, one of Toronto’s leading roofing companies.  Avenue Road Roofing’s specialists will be able to assess the current circumstances surrounding the flashing failure and then recommend the best choice of replacement material based on the factors outlined above.

Edge Flashing and Coping Must Be Securely Fastened to Prevent Roof Damage

Edge FlashingAn additional area of a commercial roof in which metal flashing plays an important role is along the perimeter of the building, specifically where the roof meets the exterior walls.  This metal edge flashing and coping is often a first line of defence/protection for the roof against possible wind damage and water penetration during heavy rain storms.

This flashing/coping must be securely fastened/sealed in order to prevent any number of detrimental effects to the physical structure, including:

  • Roof lifting due to wind penetration
  • Water entry into roof system/building
  • Peeling/tearing away of entire edge flashing
  • Roofing system peeling back along its edges

Once again, the specialists from Avenue Road Roofing can perform an inspection of this flashing to judge its stability/security and whether any replacement or repair is needed.  If any potential or existing issues are discovered with this flashing/coping, Avenue Road Roofing’s crews have the experience and capabilities to remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.

For commercial flashing inspections, repairs, and replacements, either stand-alone or as part of a complete commercial roof inspection, call the professionals from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to book a service visit at your earliest convenience.