Chimney Repair Services

Masonry Repairs with the Highest Quality Workmanship and Attention to Detail

A man repairing chimneyWith a chill clearly in the air plus the pending arrival of winter weather, that time of year has returned when families can once again enjoy the warmth and ambience of sitting by the fireplace.  And with the festive season about to shift into high gear, the fireplace may be the focal point in many homes for entertaining friends and relatives.

Regrettably, this enjoyment and fellowship can be short-lived if the structural integrity of the fireplace and/or chimney are compromised or if they are not functioning properly/not performing to code.  Such unfavourable effects can range from the inconvenient to the most serious of health and safety issues, and can include any and all of the following:

  • Water leaks/damage to property
  • Structural damage to the home
  • Stained exterior walls/masonry
  • Exposure to toxic fumes/gases
  • Total collapse of the chimney
  • A loss of heating efficiency
  • Vulnerability to fire risks

There are a number of factors/circumstances that will have an adverse effect on either the functionality or structural integrity of a fireplace or chimney.  These would consist of:

  • Deterioration/dislodging of bricks/mortar
  • Cracks or other flaws in the chimney liner
  • Cracks or gaps in the chimney crown or cap
  • Penetration of moisture into the masonry work
  • Poor initial installation of the fireplace or chimney
  • Dried, cracked, or missing caulking around flashing
  • Post-construction settling or shifting of the foundation
  • Lack of a chimney flue/liner (primarily in older homes)

Should these types of situations be clearly evident to/suspected by a homeowner, it will be imperative to remedy the matter before more extensive and more expensive damage can occur or, perish the thought, family members/guests are exposed to potential health or safety threats.

To address their fireplace or chimney repair needs, homeowners can rely on the expert masonry services provided by Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.  Skilled masonry work by the specialists from Avenue Road Roofing can re-build or repair fireplaces and chimneys with the workmanship and the attention to detail needed to restore integrity and function to the highest standards.

Additionally, Avenue Road Roofing also recognizes the value and importance of aesthetic appeal when performing any chimney or masonry repairs; in this regard, they are firmly committed to closely matching existing mortar colours and brick material/colours if and whenever possible.

A Complete Range of Masonry Repair and Installation Services for Your Home

A chimney structure over a house requiring masonry workExpert chimney and fireplace repairs are just part of the overall masonry services offered by the specialists at Avenue Road Roofing.  When homeowners in Toronto and the GTA require masonry work, whether for repairs, upgrades, or new installations, Avenue Road has the skills and expertise to provide a long-lasting solution through exceptional levels of customer service and quality workmanship.

The masonry division of Avenue Road Roofing was created to offer customers a single-source service to address issues with the building envelope that are frequently attributed to roof leaks or damage.  Since that time, experienced masonry specialists from Avenue Road Roofing have completed literally thousands of projects, including such work as:

  • Fireplace installations
  • Chimney rebuilds/repairs
  • Waterproofing of foundations
  • Window sill repairs (brick or stone)
  • Formed concrete porches, stairs, walls
  • Construction or restoration of parapet walls
  • Tuck-pointing and brick/mortar replacement

Avoid the extensive structural damage and potential health and safety risks associated with compromised chimneys or fireplaces.  Call the masonry specialists at Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto today at 416-785-5129 to book our masonry division services at your earliest convenience.