Certified Installers Of Skylights And Sun Tunnels

The beauty of natural light can enhance the quality of interior spaces and provide increased architectural appeal for homes and offices alike.

Avenue Road Roofing is a certified installer of Velux Skylights, Roof Windows, and Sun Tunnels.

These products have an international reputation as being the finest quality roof windows available.

Features such as UV resistant tempered glass, venting models, electronic opening features, and built in blinds are some of the options available for consumers.

Interior spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stair wells, and work out spaces benefit from increased light and provide the illusion of opening up a space. The return on investment is two dollars for one on this type of improvement.

Also available are curb-mounted, acrylic domed skylights which are highly popular as retrofit units, as they represent the most economical option. Features can include tinted or bronzed lenses, pyramid shapes, and the ability to construct such units to virtually any size. This makes these units ideal for replacement of existing skylights on sloped roof application and flat roofs alike.

ARR can construct roof mounted curbs to accept new units and fabricate the proper custom metal flashing details to provide a weather resistant seal. Features such as installing foam seal tape prior to mounting the domes help to prevent air leakage, and reduces the possibility of “wind whistle” during winter conditions.

Utilizing proper underlayments, such as ice & water membrane, on associated roof decking and encompassing curb units prior to metal work helps guard against possible leaks.

Fits On Any Roof Assembly

It is possible to retro-fit a skylight on any roof assembly (sloped or flat), provided that the integrity of the roof system is good or reasonably new. Our technicians can advise of the feasibility of such installations.

Very popular with clients is to incorporate this type of work when replacing their roof. This provides for a continuous warranty and minimal disruption.

Sun-tunnels are the least expensive option for application on sloped roofs. These units feature a flexible “mirror-like” tubing which transfers light from the dome’s position on the roof, and extends the light to a finished lense within the interior space. This economical choice is the least obtrusive in terms of interior finish, because it may be positioned to sit between existing rafter spaces, eliminating the need for extensive drywall work.

Avenue Road Roofing also repairs existing skylights. Simply contact ARR to arrange for a technician to provide a no obligation assessment of what you may require. Common repair elements include: warn seals, dome replacement, metal flashing repair, or roof related issues adjacent to skylight locations.

Service is available to residential, commercial and industrial customers.