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Although we are among the largest roofing and exterior remodeling contractors in Canada, we are humble and seek to constantly improve for the benefit of our group members and our customers. We are always open to learning. We respect and adhere to the law in our daily conduct, and provide for a safe and inclusive working environment. We insist on an alcohol and drug-free work place for everyone’s safety.

We are immensely proud of the quality people that work here. As a result, we have a responsibility to our team to invite members into the group who share in the values of maintaining a friendly, cordial, and pro work environment. Many team members have careers spanning over twenty-five years plus at ARR®

To work at ARR® requires that you are courteous, demonstrate a high degree of ethics and integrity in your conduct, and care to do a good job. It is OK to make mistakes, as long as one is willing to be responsible and learn from such events.

ARR® cares about the safety of our team. We supply training and the opportunity to upgrade or learn new skill sets, and to advance within the organization. Your success is our success.

Because we are among the busiest contractors in the GTA, there are always abundant opportunities. 

What kind of career are you seeking?

Tired of the pressures of seeking the work, dealing with crews, collecting money, and so on…. Keeping your good people working by keeping their schedule full. Your experience is valuable and it may be time to simplify your life. Work with ARR® to either complete aluminum, roofing, or exterior carpentry jobs; or consider a career in estimating and sales. Put you experience to work by helping our customers.

To apply, send your resume to or call 416-785-5129.

ARR® has shingle jobs large and small and we work all year round. We focus on re-roofing projects that require that you have skills on steep slope jobs, tear-offs, keeping a clean site, and we can even teach you how to install great metal work. If you are fully skilled, top pay commences.

ARR® provides service to commercial ,industrial, and institutional clients through it’s commercial roofing division. Our residential division provides cold-ply installations to our residential customers.

If you are a skilled installer having experience in one or more of the following disciplines: BUR,MOD-BIT, TPO,EPDM. Work in one of our production crews or if you have your own crew, receive projects large or small to complete.

We welcome independent metal installation service providers. Work from our in-house metal division to fabricate and install custom sheet metal profiles, custom cuppola’s, standing seam copper, leaded copper, complete custom metal flashings and soldering details. Apprentices also welcome to apply to advance your skill set for these artisan tasks.

You can be working throughout the GTA ,on residential ,condominium, and church projects. Competitive rates for pro installers.

You are experienced and produce beautiful work involving retro-fit to existing homes. You have the ability to complete jobs from bungalows up to forty feet high projects. Top wages for individuals and top rates paid for clean & pro installer teams.

You have experience evaluating the roof and site conditions of various commercial, industrial, and institutional re-roofing and retro-fit projects. You have a good working knowledge of various flat waterproofing systems. The job requires the ability to schedule client/site visits, be punctual and prepared, to photo/measure document roof/site conditions, perform test cuts, specify proposals and work orders, and obtain client agreements for contracts. You have superior communication and time management skills. In addition to servicing supplied opportunities, you are willing to take responsibility for maintaining relationships with existing/past clients and seek to create additional opportunities.

You can work as an employee or an independent agent. Salary/commission/bonus available. Remuneration based on performance, vehicle allowance or supplied vehicle possible /benefits available. Top earning potential. Basic Computer literacy a must. Not an order taker or take-off position. Criminal background check required.

You will be responsible for evaluating various projects in the GTA which may involve multiple exterior trades. Preparing estimates and presenting to clients to obtain their agreement. Providing clear work orders accepted by our Production Division. Estimates generated on our software platform, to be presented in person or through electronic means. Able to educate clients on technical details and answer questions with integrity and with client’s best interests in mind. Training required for even experienced candidates to accurately supply the ARR® value proposition. You are customer oriented, have superior listening and communication skills, basic computer literacy, possess good time managements skills, have prior construction/roofing sales experience. You are goal oriented and have a high level of integrity. Willing to obtain criminal background check. Compensation based on performance / arrangements to be discussed based on demonstrated prior history/experience. Benefits, vehicle allowance, also available as part of total compensation package.

You have the ability to interpret work orders and contracts and coordinate with Installation team(s) to insure accurate and timely delivery of roofing and exterior trade related projects. You have superior listening and communication skills with a view toward customer satisfaction. You are responsible to document progress and completion benchmarks, keep in agreement with installation professionals, with an overall objective of delivering projects on time and on budget. You are able to maintain cordial communications with both clients and installations pros. You are solution oriented. Remuneration commensurate with experience, with opportunity for bonus, benefits and vehicle allowance or supply.

You are an individual or team that is experienced in the installation of ground and roof level wooden decks, privacy fencing, and porch rehabilitation projects. You are able to supply all in labour and material pricing requirements to our sales team members in a timely fashion. You can supply and install or we can supply. You are responsible for getting materials to site, maintaining a clean and safe work site, supplying a code compliant and beautiful finished project result. You have cordial and superior communication skills.  Insurance and WSIB coverage required or we can help obtain for the right candidates.

You are an ethical and competent licensed mechanic/mechanic shop that has the ability to service our fleet of over thirty-five , ½ ton. 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickups, vans and mini-vans, PLUS associated sales and service vendor vehicles from time to time. We require routine maintenance schedules kept up, various service work items completed on a priority basis, and transparent billing and record keeping. You are a problem solver and not simply a parts replacer. Contact us to supply proposal.

Contact the Human Resources Department at AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® to discuss the many possibilities available for your career advancement. Simply apply on line, call us at (416)785-5129, or visit us during business hours. We would like to meet you. See if you would like to join our professional team.

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