Benefits of Roof Repair During the Winter

There Can Be Several Benefits to Doing Roof Repairs in Toronto during Winter

Extreme IciclesIn southern or tropical climates, there is seldom if ever a concern about working outside in bitterly cold temperatures.  While there is always the risk of torrential rainstorms and high winds, chances are quite good that individuals employed in the roofing industry will usually be working in sunny weather and temperatures that rarely dip below 10˚C/50˚F.

However, this is not a year-round occurrence in the climate of Toronto/Southern Ontario, as those who work outdoors in the winter can indeed attest.  Even though winter to this point in the GTA has been relatively mild and snow-free, temperatures have still fallen to below-zero levels during daylight hours, making it somewhat uncomfortable for roofers and other such service providers.

Unfortunately, roofs cannot be ‘trained’ to require repairs only during certain seasons or times of the year, but it is possible for professional contractors like Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto to provide such services throughout the cold-weather season.  This work may sometimes be limited to temporary repairs only, until a permanent solution can be implemented in the spring, but any type of provisional measures can still prevent the particular roofing issue from becoming more extensive and more expensive, too.

Based on the extent of the damage and the urgency to have it addressed, homeowners may wish to consider the following advantages to having their roof repaired or perhaps even replaced during the winter season:

Factors Supporting Winter Roof Repair

  • Preventing existing leaks/damage from worsening
  • Preventing additional leaks/damage from occurring
  • Home heating/attic airflow can help shingle adhesion
  • Roofing contractors may be more immediately available
  • Winter is cold, and therefore your roof is less likely to be impacted by rain which could be a leak risk while repairs are under way
  • Winter work does not compromise garden areas as a result of the season
  • Dealing with repairs in winter serves as an advantage before spring rains can limit the ability to do the work, and can mitigate damage from such rains

To avoid the need for winter roof repairs, or to at least keep any damage to a minimum, Toronto homeowners may wish to take these steps/precautions throughout this season:

  • Remove snow accumulation from the roof – with a roof rake and extreme caution
  • Inspect for the formation of ice dams – call a professional roofer to remove them
  • Examine the roof (from street level) after wind storms for possible shingle damage
  • Ensure that the attic is sufficiently insulated – any signs of moisture/deterioration?
  • Routinely check walls, ceiling, windows, basement for signs of water penetration

If the need arises for roof repair services during the winter, homeowners would be well-advised to use qualified and experienced roofing contractors, like the team from Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.  The professionals from Avenue Road Roofing are highly trained in the special circumstances related to working on a roof during the winter, including the necessary safety precautions for themselves and for the homeowners and their property.

A Proven Process to Pinpoint Where and When Winter Roof Repairs are Needed

Reconstruction of roofThe unexpectedness of winter roof repairs, in conjunction with a desire on the part of the homeowner to have the matter resolved as quickly as possible, can sometimes result in rash decisions and perhaps unnecessary costs as well.  To help alleviate such a situation, Avenue Road Roofing will prepare a roofing diagnostic report that will accurately pinpoint the area/areas in need of repair and clearly detail the scope of the work required.

In this regard, Avenue Road Roofing implements a proven process that includes/involves the following:

  • A needs assessment by qualified technicians or estimators
  • Presenting viable, cost-effective recommendations/solutions
  • Preparing a detailed action plan or scope of work – in writing
  • A thorough explanation/demonstration of the work to be done
  • Assigning in-house trade professionals as needed to the project

For further information on winter roof repairs/roof replacements by Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto, visit our Repair Services Page.

If you need roof repairs or a roof replacement this winter, you can rely on the experience of Avenue Road Roofing to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Call the experts at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to arrange for a needs assessment and a quote at your earliest convenience.