Benefits of Having Roof Repairs Done This Fall

Several Factors Support the Fall as the Ideal Time for Roof Repairs in Toronto

Leaves in Gutter and Roof of a HouseAlthough many Toronto residents are still talking about the high temperatures, constant sunshine, and lack of rain this past summer, it is inevitable that snowy days, bitterly cold air, and icy winds will soon return.  Sorry about that, but until someone discovers how to adjust the earth’s orbit around the sun, the people of Toronto and Southern Ontario will be required to endure seasonal weather extremes.

Getting back to the summer; while many lawns and gardens were deprived of water and hydro bills soared, another facet of a home/property that had to weather the weather, so to speak, was the roofing.  Day after day, roofs across the city were exposed to blazing heat, and when rain did fall, it was often quite forceful and accompanied by high winds.

These types of conditions can play havoc with any roofs, particularly those with asphalt shingles; this is why the fall period, especially this fall, would be an ideal time for a roof inspection by one of the leading roofing contractors in Toronto, Avenue Road Roofing.

These Inspections can identify a need for roof repairs or a full roof replacement through such findings/evidence as:

  • Small holes/minor leaks
  • Dried or cracked caulking
  • Loose, torn, or missing shingles
  • Dry, cracked, or chipped shingles
  • Warped, curled, or bubbled shingles
  • Thick deposits of granules in the gutters

Should one or more of these signs be apparent or discovered, it will also be important to complete the roof repairs or roof replacement in the fall, i.e. before the inclement winter weather returns.  The heavy snowfalls, strong winds, sleet and ice, and freeze-and-thaw cycles of winter can be very detrimental to a roof, particularly if the roof is not in optimal condition; furthermore, trying to coax one more winter from an aged or marginally faulty roof can have dire consequences, such as the need for emergency roof repairs during the winter and/or extensive and expensive roofing work in the spring.

Having the work done in the fall will allow sufficient time for new shingles to adhere and seal properly prior to being subjected to harsh winter weather conditions.  Should repairs or replacement work be deferred and the state of the roof declines to a point where work must be done during the winter, installing asphalt shingles will present these challenges:

  • Brittleness under extremely cold temperatures
  • Susceptibility to cracking/breaking during installation
  • Potential for water penetration into these cracks/breaks
  • Enlarging of the cracks/breaks when the water re-freezes
  • Extensive water penetration and damage as temperatures rise

Based on all of the above, it would be in a Toronto homeowner’s best interests to contact a certified roofing contractor, like Avenue Road Roofing, to perform a fall roof inspection and complete any necessary repair or replacement work before winter begins in earnest.

For further information on the roofing repair and replacement services offered by Avenue Road Roofing, visit our Roof Leak Repair and Shingle Roofing pages.

Year-Round Maintenance Service Can Prevent Unnecessary Roof Repair Costs

Although much of the attention to this point has focused on roof repairs or replacements in the fall, it would also be important to appreciate the value of year-round maintenance to continually keep a roof in optimal working condition and extend its lifespan.  There are many components of a roof that should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, including but not limited to:

  • New Roof Ridge Vent during FallShingles
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Metal flashing
  • Eavestroughing
  • Flat roof membranes

Avenue Road Roofing offers comprehensive roof maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings in Toronto, in turn providing these property owners with worry-free care for their roofing and potentially save thousands of dollars on preventable repairs or replacement costs.

Go to our Roofing Maintenance page for further information on the residential and commercial roof maintenance services available from Avenue Road Roofing in Toronto.

Safeguard the roof of your home from extensive damage before the harsh winter weather arrives.  For a Fall Roof Inspection or roof repairs and replacement services, call Avenue Road Roofing, one of Toronto’s leading roofing contractors, at 416-785-5129 today or Contact us to discuss your immediate needs and year-round maintenance requirements.