Avoid Being Overcharged For Emergency Roof Repair Services

Emergency Roof RepairJust a mention of the word emergency can evoke a spate of immediate reactions ranging from apprehension to anxiety to panic. In cases of true emergency, such as disasters or situations relating to health or matters of the heart, individuals could be excused if and when they exhibited any or all of these types of responses.

However, in many other instances, the word emergency is commonly substituted (done for effect) when the term urgency might be more appropriate. Still, when faced with a perceived emergency, individuals can throw caution to the wind and make decisions that are too hasty and even irrational. This may include a money-is-no-object response in an attempt to rectify a situation, such as when an aspect of home maintenance goes awry like ruptured water pipes, air conditioning failures, or roof leaks.

When homeowners react in this way to a need for urgent roof repair, for example, they can become vulnerable to the unsavoury and/or unfair pricing practices of some roofing contractors or general contractors. These are very opportunistic roof repair providers who will capitalize on situations that homeowners label as ‘an emergency’ by charging inflated service/labour prices or ‘rush fees’ – knowing that the customer is likely willing to pay such amounts in order to get the work done as soon as possible. This is why it is recommended to always go with the best roofing company in Toronto, such as Avenue Road Roofing, who will never over charge you.

While it will indeed be important to have roof leaks repaired in a reasonable amount of time, it will also be important that homeowners pay for quality repair service rather than just a fast response. Therefore, even in cases of emergency, time should be invested to assess or qualify the reputation and expertise of the contractor that will ultimately be paid to perform the roof repair work.

There are several steps that can be accomplished over a relatively short period of time in order to make an informed and comfortable decision on the choice of roofing company. These steps would consist of:

  • Shopping around – consider three or four companies
  • Making appointments for on-site visits/inspections
  • Securing written quotes from each of the companies
  • Obtaining, and fully understanding, written warranties
  • Confirming that they have WSIB and liability insurance
  • Asking for/checking references (BBB, local associations)

In addition, to ensure that a fair price is obtained and paid for emergency roof repairs or urgent repair of roof leaks, homeowners will want to avoid succumbing to pressure tactics from opportunistic contractors that include:

  • Door-to-door solicitation practices
  • Full payment upfront in exchange for priority/on-the-spot service
  • Offers of discounted rates for other ‘recommended’ repairs
  • Claims of better value in replacing the roof than repairing leaks
  • Requesting a down payment to secure service at a later date

Reputable Toronto roofing contractors, such as Avenue Road Roofing, do not solicit emergency roof repairs through door-to-door canvasing or opportunistic practices. On the contrary, established firms like Avenue Road Roofing openly welcome the efforts of homeowners who comparison-shop as a way of obtaining a fair price for emergency roof repair services.

Pay For Quality Of Service, Not Speed Of Service To Repair Roof Leaks

The need for emergency roof repairs or service to repair roof leaks can be more than a little unsettling and unnerving for property owners. These are usually unexpected services, and therefore unexpected costs, that require attention and resolution quickly and effectively.

The important element here is effective resolution – although property owners will likely want this work done in short order, emergency roof repairs also need to be done in a fashion that is:

  • Thorough
  • Appropriate
  • Corrective
  • Long-lasting

Contractors who rush through their roof repair service, from response to completion time, can often leave homeowners with unfinished business, in a manner of speaking. In other words, that same repair work or perhaps even more extensive work could likely be needed in the future to either complete or correct the speedy work done originally.

Avenue Road Roofing recognizes the importance of providing emergency roof repairs or repairing roof leaks both efficiently and effectively. Avenue Road Roofing offers more than 40 years of roof installation and repair experience in Toronto and the GTA, so you can rest assured that your roof repair needs will be completed professionally and thoroughly – and at a fair price as well.

For all your repair needs, from roof leaks to emergency services, call the established and experienced professionals at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to get the service you need at a fair and affordable price.