Attic Ventilation and Its Importance

Call Certified Toronto Roofers When an Issue is Suspected with Attic Ventilation

Worker Installing an Attic Vent DuctMost homeowners would likely agree that adequate insulation in the exterior walls and in the attic helps maintain a level of comfort for those who live in the home.  Without this insulation, temperatures inside the home would not only be at times unbearable, but the dollar amounts of the heating and hydro bills would probably be astronomical.

These same homeowners, however, may not have the same level of appreciation for the ventilation in their home, particularly when it concerns the attic; for many, their attic is a place that they rarely, if ever, access – unless it is used to hide gifts from meddlesome children around their dates of their birthdays or during holiday seasons.

In basic terms, attic ventilation is the free flow of air throughout the attic space; this is achieved by the continuous intake of air, commonly through gable or soffit vents, which in turn pushes out moist or hot air via exhaust outlets or vents in the roof.  From a more technical perspective, the importance of attic ventilation in seen in the following benefits that it offers to homeowners and their families:

  • Preserves structural integrity and extends the life expectancy of the roof
  • Helps to limit the formation of ice dams by keeping the roof colder in winter
  • Prevents moisture accumulation, thereby inhibiting formation of mold/mildew
  • Reduces energy costs by keeping the home cooler during the summer months
  • Complies with manufacturer and home insurance standards re: roof-related claims

These are indeed significant benefits, notably from a financial savings standpoint relative to energy consumption and roof repair or replacement costs.  Therefore, it is would most certainly be advisable for homeowners to perhaps pay a bit more attention to their attic, especially to identify potential signs that there might be a ventilation issue – these signs would include:

  • Premature deterioration of the shingles
  • Rust on nails that are protruding/exposed
  • Air conditioning seems to run on incessantly
  • Evidence of mold, mildew, wood rot in the attic
  • Insulation is matted-down or damp-to-the-touch
  • Ice dams in the gutters (look for icicle formation)
  • Formation of frost or visible condensation in the attic
  • Upper-floor ceilings are hot to the touch in the summer

Should homeowners suspect that their attic ventilation might be lacking or inadequate, they should act quickly and contract the services of professional roofers, like the experts from Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing companies in Toronto for over 40 years.  Avenue Road Roofing can assess the situation and present the most appropriate course of action to remedy the issue as soon as possible; this may also include a full roof inspection to determine the extent of any damage stemming from the air flow problem and subsequently recommending any potential roof repair needs.

Engage One of Toronto’s Leading Roofing Companies When Adding Roof Vents

Installing Attic VentilationThe most common means of resolving inadequate attic ventilation would be the addition of intake and/or exhaust vents.  This can be done in do-it-yourself fashion; however, it is highly recommended that such work be left to certified Toronto roofers such as the team from Avenue Road Roofing, principally because it often includes cutting physical holes in the roof.

In addition to having the precision required in this regard, the experts from Avenue Road Roofing are also knowledgeable with respect to:

  • Where to install the new vents
  • How many new vents to install
  • The best type(s) of vent to add

In terms of the different vent types, options customarily consist of the following:

  • Soffit vents – either rectangular in shape or a continuous strip
  • Air chutes – inserted in each rafter space to keep air path clear
  • Rectangular roof vents – for pyramid roofs with short ridge lines
  • Low-profile ridge vents – covered with shingles to blend into roof

For additional information on the attic ventilation services provided by the professional roofers from Avenue Road Roofing, one of the leading roofing companies in Toronto, see our Attic Ventilation page.

Inadequate attic ventilation can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of a roof and result in substantial repair costs.  Call the roofing specialists at Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule an attic and roof inspection as soon as possible.