Always Have Your Own Collection Of Emergency Roof Repair Materials On Hand

content-1Regardless of the age of a roof, there is always the lingering possibility that a leak might occur, prompting the need for emergency repair work. Of course, such roof leaks are customarily detected only during or immediately after a period of nasty weather – which is also the time that emergency roof repair crews are busy responding to other similar situations throughout the neighbourhood, town/city, or region. This in turn could make it necessary for homeowners to temporarily repair any roof leaks on their own.

But are homeowners actually prepared for such a possibility? Do they have the types of materials on hand that could be used should roof repairs be needed?

In many cases, the answer is likely ‘no’. Homeowners will keep extra batteries, candles, fuses, and motor oil in stock should they be needed on a moment’s notice, but they may not be able to say the same about having the following items available:

  • Extra shingles
  • Nails (regular and roofing varieties)
  • Piece of flat sheet metal or flashing
  • Tube of caulking
  • A large tarp or plastic sheet
  • Piece of plywood (4 x 8 feet x ½-inch)
  • Lengths of wood (2 x 4 inches x 8 feet)

Furthermore, if there is a secondary property such as a cottage/cabin, would a collection of the same materials be available for emergency roof repairs at that location as well?

Should roof leaks occur and need immediate attention before emergency roof repair services can be procured, the above materials can be utilized in various ways to create a home-made patch depending on the size and scope of the leak/damage. Note that all of the following are predicated on the assumption that the roof leaks have been accurately located or pinpointed:

Smaller/single leaks or punctures (often located via a few missing shingles or an inspection of the attic)

  • Cover the space/hole with a small piece of sheet metal
  • Secure in place with roofing nails and caulk around the edges

Larger areas of missing, broken, or loose/flapping shingles (evident to the naked eye by inspection during/after stormy weather)

  • Wrap one edge of a tarp/plastic sheet around a length of two-by-four
  • Nail this piece of wood to the roof with 2½- or 3-inch nails
  • Stretch the tarp/plastic sheet over the open area
  • Repeat the wrapping step above at the opposite end of the tarp/sheet
  • Secure the open edges of the tarp/sheet with roofing nails
  • Optional – weigh down the tarp/sheet with bricks or concrete blocks

Major holes or intrusions (the result of damage caused by falling tree limbs or flying debris)

  • Cover damaged area with a plywood sheet (cut larger than the hole)
  • Secure the plywood to the roof using 2-inch (or larger) wood screws
  • Fasten a tarp/plastic sheet over the plywood as outlined above

An overriding factor before any of these emergency roof repair patches are attempted is the matter of homeowner safety. While a sense of urgency may exist to temporarily patch roof leaks as quickly as possible, one must weigh the importance of completing such tasks against the risks of slipping/falling from the roof when it is wet/slick or during periods of stormy weather/high winds.

Furthermore, homeowners should also realize that their repair efforts are indeed temporary and, as soon as time and weather permit, a professional roofing company in Toronto, such as Avenue Road Roofing, should be contacted in order to perform a more thorough assessment of any/all roof leaks and/or more permanent repairs.

Address Roof Leaks Quickly To Prevent More Widespread And Expensive Repairs

Emergency roof repairs can protect residential and commercial properties from more extensive damage to both the interior and exterior of the structure. And there is a good reason why they are called emergency repairs – addressing roof leaks as quickly as possible will reduce the probability that more widespread and expensive repair work will be required.

Avenue Road Roofing has an experienced repair team on standby at all times for these types of occasions. This emergency response team will provide the following services:

  • An inspection to assess the cause and extent of the damage
  • The development and presentation of the best/right solution
  • A free estimate on the cost of the repairs (labour/materials)
  • Expert repairs with the proper attention to risks and safety
  • The information to submit an insurance claim (if applicable)

Do-it-yourself roof repairs can temporarily stem the damage from roof leaks but a more permanent solution may be needed. Call the roof repair professionals from Avenue Road Roofing today at 416-785-5129 or contact us to schedule a service visit in order to assess the temporary repair and/or complete the repair process accordingly.