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Consumers today are faced with many choices when it comes to building trade service providers. While many businesses can outwardly appear similar, factually there can be large differences between them. We encourage those consumers who have not worked with us previously to look comparatively and understand the differences and advantages we may provide for you.

People typically expect value in the form of good results and a stress-free shopping experience; consider what AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® can bring to the table when undertaking your next exterior remodeling or retrofit project.

Even after more than forty years of continuous operation, we remain humble and grateful to our customers that ultimately provide for all of our families. Everyone here wants to have you receive a very good job and recommend us to your friends and neighbours.

Some Advantages of Working with ARR®:

  • Pleasant and courteous staff
  • Communication
  • Highly Referenced
  • Experienced
  • Multi-discipline exterior services mean one source of responsibility
  • We work with the best products and vendors
  • Warranties that actually can be depended on and are transferrable.
  • We strive to continually deliver customer satisfaction
  • Stability both financially and with the quality of our staff.
  • Fair prices that reflect the value of our workmanship
  • Affordable Payment options available

Choose the original Blue and White, book your repair service with AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®.

The prospect of replacing one’s roof or completing an exterior remodeling project can be a daunting task for anyone. There are considerations of budgets, appearance, products, quality, and how to navigate the process.

The staff at ARR® are here to help you. We believe the best way is to provide information and options where they may exist and to explain those details so you have understanding and confidence in the decisions you will make concerning your business or home.

Some people fear being “sold”. Likely because they do not want to be pushed, or have had a prior bad construction investment that resulted in upset or aggravation.

Knowledge is power. Whether you choose to work with us or others, the more information you have and the more education on the process and realities of completing a construction project; you will gain trust that you have made the right decisions for yourself and your family.

It is worthwhile to learn how to properly evaluate a construction proposal. Most people have the idea to get a number of bids. Likely, one will discover that prices will be varied between contractors. On the surface, many people will conclude that some prices appear high and some will be low, and some may be in the middle. Why such differences in price?

The key is to discern the differences and similarities, not just on the materials being specified, but the methods being used, and perhaps most important of all, is checking the contractor’s business itself. There is a reason that some bids are higher than others, and often with vast price differences that can puzzle the consumer.

Factually in the construction industry, you can’t get good for cheap. Materials cost everyone about the same, qualified labour costs everyone about the same. The other variables can be many that influence the price.

A famous writer from the mid 1,800’s once written: “There are few things in this world that cannot be manufactured cheaper or faster, but to that end, let that man be their lawful prey”. That phrase holds true today.

There are many good contractors in the GTA both large and small. From a consumer’s perspective, what should matter is that there are necessary elements in place to insure that the contractor can remain in business to honour their work because at the end of the day, it is your hard-earned money being spent.

Contractors that may charge too little, signal that they may not have the experience to account for their true costs of being in business. Factually, four in five contractor businesses fail within the first five years according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.™

The most commonly cited items that contractors fail to account for include: Proper liability insurance, government payroll requirements, HST submittal, sales costs, warranty costs, direct and indirect operating costs, etc.

Such contractors while well-meaning or even skilled well in their trade, can find themselves in a position of too much or not enough consistent work volume, and end up in a position of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

Check that the contractor business is financially stable, and has good supplier relations.

Check for a permanent/established business location. Visit that location. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Does a contractor have sufficient insurance and proof of WSIB coverage to complete the work described?

Does the business request or encourage payment in cash? This signals that the business avoids paying taxes and remittances that other contractors who are playing by the rules and obeying the law must do. While it can seem tempting to get a “bargain”, the reality is you will likely have trouble in the future and it puts the property owner at risk for liability. Factually you will forfeit any rights you may have under the law to protect your interests.

When you have checked to insure that you are receiving bids from like-kind organizations, the next process involves finding out the similarities and differences in products and methods. Insist on learning what the critical details used in the job will be.

Consider this:

  • A good roofer using good products will typically result in a good job.
  • A good roofer using bad products will eventually result in a poor job.
  • A bad roofer using good products will likely result in a poor job.
  • A bad roofer using bad products will almost assuredly result in a poor job.

While the above statements seem to be common sense, many people have experienced the pitfalls of not considering these facts when making a construction investment decision. Everyone can make mistakes from time to time, and errors can happen, but you want to choose a contractor who can take responsibility and make the situation right. That is the cost of doing business and truly taking care of one’s customers.

Our estimating team, whether for commercial, industrial, institutional, or residential projects, are pleased to meet with you and take the time to provide the advice you need and to answer your questions. The time you spend will be worth it.

We want to work to earn your business. It is not however at the expense of making our prospective clients feel uncomfortable or pressured.

After more than forty-five years in operation, we have had the pleasure of meeting literally thousands of people from all over the GTA. We are pleased to note that we have many thousands of loyal and repeat clients and many next generation clients, who have placed great trust in us over many decades as a result.

It is important to us that you have trust and confidence in our team members. Completing a construction project is somewhat like a marriage. A mutual respect must be established through conversation and meeting, so you feel good about whom you may be doing business with.

Everyone today have busy lives and work schedules. We will try to meet you at a convenient time to review your needs and explain the facts we see. We will ask for your business when our efforts are presented, but if you need more time that is completely OK. We are consumers also.

Perhaps Facetime™ or Skype™ is more efficient for you? We can do that also. The important part is that you are afforded the time to understand the value you will receive from ARR®.

Quality Assurance begins with an attitude that our installation teams and service technicians must have to work for ARR®. The intention must be to do a good job, left clean and tidy, and with respect for the client’s property and that of their neighbours.

Crew foreman are responsible for the work quality of their teams in the field. Our project managers/supervisors conduct field reviews on a daily basis to check that installers are supported and that work quality coincides with our standards. The project managers are available to our clients to answer questions and respond to any job requirements of the project order.

As many jobs involve multi-trade disciplines, Supervisors who are experienced tradespersons themselves of a high caliber and complete final inspections for each element of the work. As an example; our flat roof supervisor is responsible for the approval or correction of any job of that nature that is produced by ARR®. They have the authority and responsibility to make the project go well and to insure quality standards are met. They are a resource for our clients when the project is being completed.

Our project coordinator; receives approved orders for installation from our Production Manager. The client is contacted to acknowledge receipt of their order and to communicate a time frame anticipated for the work to begin. To note is that roofing and exterior renovations are a weather dependant operation.

Insurers require that roofs not be opened up (removed) if there is greater than a thirty percent chance of rain. Because weather in our region can change dramatically, often schedules must be changed for the best interest of our clients and the coordination necessary to utilize our teams efficiently, in the completion of jobs already in progress.

We don’t want to be the ones responsible for making our client’s homes vulnerable to water ingress. While client’s may be anxious and excited to receive their project; they need to trust that ARR® will have their best interests in mind.

As the project delivery date nears, or may need to be adjusted; the Production Coordinator will keep you informed. Please note that estimating staff cannot schedule jobs or promise installation dates for the reasons discussed. They can however communicate the current schedules of each roofing division.

Once we deem your project is completed, or a specific contract has been fulfilled; you will be contacted to survey your satisfaction and your file will be sent to our billing department.

If you have any concerns or questions, our project managers are pleased to assist. We strive for customer satisfaction that would have you recommend us to your friends and family.

Trusted by 50,000+ customers since 1974.

Payment options available

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