Training, Safety & Certification

Training & Certifications

The roofing and remodeling industry has undergone many changes over the past decade.

More stringent health and safety requirements, changes in the labour market, a movement toward more sustainable material options, all contribute to our requirement to keep our installation teams,estimators, and supervisory staff up to date with current information for the benefit of all stakeholders, and ultimately for the benefit of our valued clients.

Here are some examples of training, certifications and credential renewals, our installations teams engage in:

  • St. John’s Ambulance First Aid
  • Fall Arrest Certification
  • Working At Heights
  • Confined Space Training
  • Hoisting & Rigging
  • Violence in The Work Place training
  • MDF Labels
  • TSSA
  • ARR® Health & Safety training
  • Forklift training/certification
  • Man-lift /ZOOM Lift training & licensing
  • Propane Use Certification
  • IKO® Flat roof Installer Certification
  • Firestone™ RED SHIELD Installer Certification
  • Certainteed™ Applicator Training (Certified Installers)Select Shingle Master Approved
  • Soprema™ Colply
  • CCN™ Certified Contractor’s Network
  • Haag™- Engineering (Roof damage assessment and remediation)
  • RCI™ – (Associate Member- Registered Roof Observer Training)


Although the Ministry of Labour (MOL) requires all Constructors to be compliant with the law, and have training and certifications in place; factually the most important reason is to insure that our working family makes it home safely each night to their families.

When you select AVENUE ROAD ROOFING® for your commercial building or home’s roofing, or exterior retrofit project, you can have peace of mind that we minimize the liability risks to you and your premise. We are a proven and safe choice for more than four decades.

Many Consumers are unaware that they are Constructors as Well: Recent changes in legislation require that property owners exercise due diligence when hiring a contractor to work on their owned property.

As an example; your contractor should provide you with proof of liability insurance, a current clearance certificate from the WSIB (Worker’s Safety & Insurance Board), and proof of Fall Arrest Certification for all workers that will be present on your project.

Unfortunately, some consumers hire contractors that do not invest in the cost of such training and safety compliance and may discover that the cash payment made, or the low bid they chose, has left them at considerable risk.

In the event, a worker is injured on your property, and the contractor fails to have such coverage, then it requires that the property owner can be liable for costs of injury associated with the worker including legal ramifications. Therefore it is important to choose a contracting firm that has all safety compliance items in place for your protection.

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