Company Message

Avenue Road Roofing and its related divisional companies, are operated by a senior team of professionals who have a minimum of 30 years of experience individually, in various business disciplines, and the roofing industry.

Corporate Message

Many senior staff have grown through the company over twenty plus years and have started out in positions ranging from field installation, through to sales, finance, and various administrative positions.

Avenue Road Roofing provides continual education opportunities to staff who wish to grow within our business. Integrity, hard work, and dedication, are traits which are highly valued in the organization.

In an ever-changing industry, on-going training is necessary to keep staff in step with the latest systems technology, and consumer trends with regard to the home improvement industry.

Both business owners are involved with strategic planning for the company, relying on key divisional leaders to implement strategies and programs, and govern the day to day functions of Avenue Road Roofing.

Our corporate focus is to continue to lead the industry by providing prompt, proven, professional and courteous service to our valued clients. Value is also provided by maintaining viability in the organization for the dependability of our warranty, and the growth of our employees, and established vendors.

The quality of staff is one of the elements that distinguishes Avenue Road Roofing from many competitor organizations that focus on trading on lowest price in their model. It is very true in our industry, that you get what you pay for. Statistically, many roofing companies don’t survive in business as a result of inaccurately charging for services, and failing to account for their true operational costs.

This approach has allowed us (Thanks to our thousands of dedicated customers) over thirty years, to remain a preferred choice for consumers and their investment of hard earned money. We will always be there to answer a call to service.

Our management team, along with all staff, are responsible for customer satisfaction, and providing superior service, and the highest quality of installation.

We invite consumers to contact us at anytime so we may help in making your roofing, siding, gutter, or repair investment a pleasurable experience. Ultimately, we rely on your satisfaction, to continue our growth, and to provide further employment opportunities in our community, and for the advancement of skilled trades education.

Yours Truly:

Tony Pateropoulos         Edward Standish
President /Owner            Vice-President/Owner

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